Oh sweet jesus the ups and downs this episode puts you through emotionally! Characters are coming and going now faster and leaving more of an impact on the viewer.


Gieve is back! The purple mopped beauty returns to the party, literally. Mid battle Gieve rejoins Arsan’s team and saves him in the nick of time. His mission to retrieve the rumored sword is effectively over. It is now in the hands of the Temple Knights, but that’s another issue for another day. He confirmed its existence and that seems to be enough. His first act as a rejoined member is to comfort Farangis, who must have been distraught by his absence. She wasn’t. Narsus also scoffed at the sword, moreso at the thought that the sword meant that the wielder would automatically be able to take the throne. Its not a magic sword, Gieve was able to touch it so its not a ‘royals only’ sword.


Andragoras is back, like back back. He has ridden to Peshawar and dethroned Arslan. No one knew Andragoras was alive, not even Narsus. And Narsus predicts every move on the chess board. He escaped Ecbatana with Queen Tahamine, but we did not see her when he showed up at Peshawar. The driver of the carriage was missing as well. So we don’t know if the Queen is there. Even Arslan asks about his mother, but Andragoras*ahem* King Andragoras ignores his question and begins the most heart wrenching part of the episode.


He exiles Arslan.


Hours before Arslan had lead a charge against the Turan army. They were attacking Peshawar because they figured they could take advantage of Pars’ instability right now. With Arslan being known for being kind, they provoked him by slaughtering innocent civilians in front of the gates, prompting Arslan to lead a charge against them.


Arslan makes his way to the king of Turan, slashing at enemy riders as he passes (our sweet innocent Arslan). When he reaches the king the two begin clashing swords. Daryun is otherwise occupied, so this knight in shining black armor cannot protect Arslan. Its so weird to see Arslan in combat! He still so sweet and kind. Well he manages to hold the king blow for blow. It’s the horse losing its footing that gets him into trouble. This is when Gieve shows up. Within that time Daryun and the others are able to reach Arslan and the Turan army retreats.


The Turan king is slaughtered by one of his own men, for retreating.


A possible new enemy is Jimsa. He was captured and freed by the Pars army and ran home thinking he carried information on the upcoming battle. The information was planted by Narsus. The information and actions based on that information had the Turan Army attacking itself, taking out a significant number of their men. The focus on Jimsas reaction, and that he was the cause of the misunderstanding leads me to believe he will be a prominent figure in the upcoming episodes, if not an antagonist.


Now Arsan’s exile. King Andragoras said that because Arslan lead an army when he was not king, that that accounted to high treason. Daryun tried interjecting, contesting that because Arslan is the Crown Prince he was supposed to act when Andragoras was not there. But Andragoras was not having it. He ordered Arslan to gather 50,000 men and to not come back before he had that many. That is effectively, an exile. My expression of shock and horror mirrored Arsan’s.


Okay surely this cannot be over just that Arslan ran an army in the kings absence. If my miniscule knowledge of men’s behaviour has any practical use, then this exiling of Tahamines child, the one she was so concerned about earlier, has to do with her. He is angry at Tahamine for not escaping, staying with the Lusitanian king or something like that. I don’t believe this exiling is actually about Arslan. This exile is about Andragoras and his ego.


Well.. Maybe then it could be about Arslan. Arslan has clearly won over the many Marz Bahn in attendance, if he doesn’t exile Arslan then it may become a split camp. So this would resemble a lion kicking out his son to form a new pride. Arslan is successful even though he  is ‘weak’ and Andragoras doesn’t want the competition. But if he exiles his Heir, then when and if he dies, then what will happen?  He doesn’t seem to be on sleeping terms with his Queen, if he ever was.


Fast forwarding to the preview of the next episode(cheating I know shh) it appears that Daryun, Gieve, Farangis, and Narsus were not allowed to travel with Arslan. And they expect this series to be 8 episodes??


The entire episode was battle after battle, so the CGI was pretty heavily used again. There was not a lot of the pretty overhead shots of the battlefield. There was one but it was 10% battle, 90% sky. Majority of the CGI was simple background fighting that we weren’t paying attention to anyways, but some scenes had all characters save for 1 being made from CGI.


The facial expression of Arsan’s, horror stricken and shocked, it was done well. If it had been done poorly, not conveying the absolute shock we all were in, then it would have been extremely disappointing. Good job!


Overall, this episode was a shocker. This show does a great job of placating you and then dropping you from a 50 foot building, emotionally. Im loving it.


Rating: A+