And so our crew begins their lives at High Officer School. It becomes painfully clear that Ikta is definitely not fit for laps.

At the High Officer School, Princess Chamille follows her saviours. Maybe she thinks they are friends or something. She seems to be tagging long with them, and she isn’t seen with anyone else other than her guards. Ikta, Igsem and the others seem to be the only ones comfortable around her. Other students don’t show discomfort, because well, the characters do not interact with other students. We are 90% focussed on our main 5 characters. During lectures, Chamille passes notes to Ikta, asking if he is okay and how he is handling being in the school.

Ikta is still his lazy smartass himself though, so when Chamille is called on by the teacher, obviously not paying attention she stumbles. Ikta gives her the answer so she can save face. When Ikta is called upon he answers flawlessly, and even after being told his answer was correct he challenged that correct idea. Similar to the Chess dilemma from the first episode, he claims that being able to predict where your enemy will go and when is the most important tactic a general could take. This angers the teacher, who assumed Ikta was a slacker who was here only because of the Emperor. The 5 of them did not have to take the exam, and are considered nobles now. Solork is not a noble name after all.

The teacher is not the only one to take issue with the 5 new nobles. A group of bullies approach the group and in an attempt to scare them they toss a centipede into the bowl of milk(?) in the center of them. Torway panics but Ikta smashes the bugs head and -ew- eats it. Okay so he isn’t afraid of bugs. Igsem finds this hilarious, claiming they didn’t bother to do any research on their target. Ikta does seem like a person who would see bugs as a great source of protein. Science and logic and stuff.

Torways older brothers, Sarihasrag and Sushuraf also join in on the fun, but their target is their precious younger brother. Sari is the leader while Sush is the bodyguard. Sari truly dons an ugly face as he gets up and close in Torways face, degrading his contribution to the princess’ rescue, and his general existence. Its only when Ikta intervenes by dropping a bug on his face does Sari turn away from his younger brother.

Timed perfectly, the Princess and Igsem walk over just as Sari and Sush begin beating and kicking Ikta while their 3 cronies look on. Igsem promptly kicks ass, and the Remeon brothers flee, burning with hatred for Ikta.

The 5 are assigned as Platoon leaders, or Platoon Generals. The assignments go well, and the mock battle between 6 platoons is arranged. It is the Remeon brothers and Igsem against Ikta, Matthew and Torways platoons. That’s heavily tilted in the Remeon brothers way in terms of experience. They are a year older than the 5, and have knowledge of the area.

Ikta has one issue, and its his own fault. The Lieutenant of his platoon is the daughter of a woman he slept with. Now Iktas made a few comments about sleeping around or having lovers, but we’ve never seen him with a woman, so I just assumed he was all talk. A likeable protagonist being a manwhore? Huh.

Well this lieutenant, Suya Mitcliff, refuses to listen to Ikta and is hostile towards him. Her mother is, and was married when Ikta crawled into her bed.

After a few days Ikta confronts her. She changes her story to that she doesn’t want him as a General because he is physically weak, and unable to be a fitting General. She’s not wrong. You’d think manwhoring around would bring up the stamina. So they make a deal. If he wins, he will be listened to. If they lose, he will take a boring desk job.

The entire way to the battlefield, Suya is questioning every move Ikta makes, because it isn’t procedure. She is looking at the rules they were given and expects to follow them. Ikta is using the rules to his advantage, knowing the other team would follow the rules, being good soldiers. He isn’t a soldier though. So he doesn’t care. He strategizes on his own, and it throws the enemy off, giving Ikta more time and an advantage over the other team.

Its interesting to see Ikta so into this whole General role. Granted it’s a mock battle, but his way of planning is fun to watch, because of how anti-soldier it is. He does what is unexpected. This is a big game of chess to him and he uses his analytical skills of human behaviour to throw the enemy off and unnerve them.

Igsem understands what he is doing and knows that this pair of brothers who are intent on being soldiers and proving how superior they are, will not stand a single chance against Ikta.

Torways struggle with his brothers is interesting as well. Torway doesn’t seem to be the most bravest of characters, and he struggles to shoot at a living creature. He is a sniper, and he does the job well when he wants to. His brothers unnerve him, and they would unnerve me too. Saris face becomes vey demon like when he wants to be. He’s quite the ugly fellow. Torway is clearly the younger sibling, taking the brunt end of his brothers aggression.

Matthew and Haro are pretty left out again. Matthew and Torway handed their platoons over to Ikta, while Haros unit is the Medics.

The animation for the episode was very fuzzy, as in blurry. Backgrounds and characters in the backgrounds didn’t move, and were most often blurry. The episodes are very focussed on just the 5 characters. They are often the only sharp humans in frame. The nature backgrounds are still pretty picturesque, but again, they are motionless.

Distance, rain, and telescopic lenses have also blurred up the screen. The rain was a very interesting effect, blurring the screen in a way that looked very fuzzy, but it didn’t distort the characters.

A lot of the scenes were pretty over exposed where the sunlight effect was used. The over use of the light made the characters look even more blurry, in a bad way. The characters didn’t carry as much detail either. The characters faces were pretty basic, and the clothing was moderate. The style of clothing is now all the same, being in uniforms and all.

More foreshadowing is used at the end, claiming this is the battle that got Ikta noticed.

Okay so we are introduced into a new antagonist, and this fight is clearly going to be one of those brawn vs brain fights. Ikta already has a hand up. Cliché plot wise, of course Ikta is going to win. Im still waiting for the childhood flashback between Igsem and Ikta. How Ikta plans on using the relationship between Torway and his brothers is also something to anticipate. There is no way Ikta can ignore that relationship. That relationship is affecting all three parties involved. Nothing would be more humiliating than the ‘weak good for nothing’ brother kicking them to the ground. Besides, Ikta has to get revenge for them kicking him in the gut.

Rating: B