Okay so Ozmafia is finally giving hints at its audience base! Is it a yaoi otome game or not?


Scarlet, or protagonist blushes when Caesar, a male, gives him a gift. So it’s a yaoi right? Well later Scarlet wishes he had a girlfriend. Which is it! This show is shaping up to be a big ball of conclusion with no real purpose.


One new plot item is introduced though, and it’s a rival assassination school? What? So Oz and Grimm Academy are rival schools that physically attack each other? Well when one student hands Scarlet a bomb that explodes seconds later… what is going on with this series?


We do meet a record number of characters this round though. We meet Hilde, the lunch lady, Judie, a classmate, and the student from Grimm Academy. We also meet the Headmaster, So. We also see Caesar, the school security guard, Bercy, the animal classmate, and Kyrie, the Joker teacher who is out to get Scarlet.


The introduction of the second school will probably bring more action into the series, but I have no idea how the previous events would affect this new arc. Usually past events lead up to one major event, especially in a short anime like this one. Scarlet being taught by Kyrie on math doesn’t feel like it has any bearing on possibly being assassinated. Maybe Im just weird though.


Well, that’s something to look forwards to. A romance-less otome game that includes assassination attempts?


The animation was consistent with previous episodes, if not better. It was all around consistent,  their heads weren’t even noticeably oversized this time.


Rating: B


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