After that mind numbing confrontation between King and Crown Prince, the focus is shifted to the Rightful King.


The more we get into Hilmes story, the more I am starting to believe that he does have a valid claim to the throne. My only reservation is that he thinks that means killing Arslan. Cant they come to a peaceful resolution? No? Well hell.


If Arslan really isn’t Andragoras’ son, it wouldn’t matter anyways, because it was Hilmes father who was the King. In the Game of Thrones universe, Hilmes is Daenerys and she has a lot of supporters, in and outside of the show. But… Arslan would do so much better for the country..


Maybe, maybe not. Hilmes is angry, yes. He is vengeful and violent towards those who have both figuratively and  literally burned him. In episode 3 we saw a kinder side to him, when he was healing in the Kingdom of Maryam. He meets Princess Irina, who is blind. She has this infirmity that causes others to hate her but she doesn’t let that stop her from being happy. She is the perfect person to comfort Hilmes as he recovers. He is self conscious about his burnt face, but she cannot see it, and when she touches the bandages, she says that that can help her tell him apart from the others, as if it’s a positive thing.


Hilmes is in the kingdom for a while, up until Andragoras names Arslan the Crown Prince. I guess he expected to return and demand his rightful throne before an heir was named. This announcement, as well as the king of Maryam selling Hilmes out to the Lusitanian soldiers enrages Hilmes. Maryam was the country in between Pars and Lusitania that was invaded before Pars. Its then that he grabs a silver mask off of a display suit of armor and rushes back to Pars.


He does have a connection to magicians, but they appear to me more of a forced connection. He was rescued by a magician, and healed by one. He is most likely being used by the magicians in the long run. It wouldn’t surprise me if the magicians were somehow increasing his anger and hatred towards Arslan in order to get him in power so that they can exert more control over him as King. They are portrayed as evil beings cloaked in black with masks and glowing eyes, and it is a common plot device that evil characters will exert control over a weak character. An example is in Pokémon Black/White. Team Plasma exerted control and persuaded N to be their figurehead and when he gained power, Team Plasma was right behind him to use his powers for their gain.  The magicians do not care about Hilmes for his own good.


Hilmes seemed to be doing well emotionally up until that point. If he had not been informed of Arslans appointment, I could have seen him becoming involved with the Princess. I mean he could have become king that way as well, but men’s ego and all. He is related to Andragoras after all. But with Princess Irina he is kind and soft. He explains to her how clouds look and how the flowers look and it is very romantic. Im pretty sure they kiss too. He promises her that when he becomes the King of Pars that he will come rescue her. She is considered a burden in her home because of her blindness.


This flashback is brought up because Princess Irina shows up in Pars, looking for Hilmes. She comes across him, but he refuses to help her. He instead sends her to Zabul Fortress. The Temple Knights have invaded her country and are using it as a safe haven. Hilmes isn’t King yet, so his male ego most likely took a hit when he saw her, because he boasted about how well he was going to do and what he was going to accomplish, and he hadn’t accomplished it yet. Her presence will most likely hinder him further. Whether he lies to her about being king, or avoids her completely, she will most likely be put in danger by the Magicians when their control on him lessens. She is a weak female character, that stereotyped character is almost always the hostage, especially when there is a close relationship between the characters.


I don’t believe Arslan or his party would harm Irina. If anything, I think he would help Hilmes rescue her. This endeavour would be when Hilmes gets to know Arslan on a more personal level, muddying up the ending to try and reach a happy, compromising ending.


Speaking of Arslan, he is still exiled. Andragoras has forbidden Daryun and Narsus from joining him. Farangis has no intention of abandoning Arslan because of her Goddess. She is more scared of angering her Goddess than some King. Gieve is as flighty as ever, following his heart and that usually follows Farangis.


We see Arslan leave the fortress alone, and there in an internal struggle. He is trying to not consider the task as an Exile. He wants to consider it a freedom. Andragoras will retake Pars, and he can live his own life as he pleases now. The atmosphere isn’t as happy as he would like us to believe, with sad cinematographic shots being used. His horse walking away from the camera is a dead giveaway to a sad character.


Arslans exile having something to do with Andragoras’ ego may not be such a stretch of an idea. After Arslan is gone, Andragoras begins having the Marz Bahn reswear their loyalty to him, King Andragoras. Kishward is the first.


Well his friends just cant give him his damn freedom. Daryun and Narsus arrange for the stable to be set on fire to distract the soldiers so that he and Narsus can escape. All other members of Arslans party escape as well; Gieve, Elam, Alfarid, Jaswar and Farangis. Narsus and Daryun were the only members expressly forbidden from leaving so the others may not have ‘escaped’ but just left. Kishward is the one to confront them before they escape. Narsus so far has not expressed his idea as to why Andragoras exiled Arslan, but I would be interested to hear his ideas as to why father turned on son.


Arslan doesn’t turn his friends away or ague with them about how this was a mission given to him and him alone. He recognizes how much it costs his friends to disobey his father like this. And thus, Arslan and his party embark on a new adventure. Whether they are going to recruit 50,000 men or confront Hilmes is unknown at this point.


The CGI has become more invasive this season, moving from large scale battles, to stationary soldiers, now to Azrael, Arslans hawk. Azrael is now a flying CGI bird.


During the backstory of Hilmes, the scar on his face was a bit healed too quickly, I mean we were not given a time frame from when he was originally burned to when he woke up. He could have been in a coma for all we know. We do see Hilmes on fire, and we see Andragoras standing in the fire watching Hilmes burn. The fire sticks to his right side exclusively, and the fire is on Hilmes, Hilmes is ON FIRE, he was not trapped in an area with fire. I don’t know if more of his body was burned, but the burn seems to be confined to a small area of his upper cheek to his ear. From the scene we were shown, Im surprised he not only still has use of his right eye, and that the flames didn’t touch any other part of his skin. The fire seemed to be down his body as well.


The color of the scar darkened over time as well it seems. In recent depictions of his scar it is a plum kind of color, whereas in the Kingdom of Maryam it is a pale color. The scar tissue is what healed so quickly. From the first time he awakens to see a Magician caring for him we can see healed scar tissue poking out from under the facial bandages. Whether this is because time has passed, or because of Magicians magic is unknown. The burn doesn’t seem to hurt as much as a real burn would. Hilmes is able to speak, yell, practice sword technique and touch his face without any showing of pain.


Seeing the character progression of Hilmes does garner sympathy for him. He does have a claim to the throne, and proving that Arslan is not Andragoras’ son would definitely help him take the throne. Its all but confirmed that Arslan is not the bio son of Andragoras. From Arslan being raised outside of the castle, to the non-resemblance to either parent, to the Persian source legend, Arslans lineage is up in the air at this point.


The story is paced well enough that your taken on an emotional rollercoaster, which means that something devastating will occur in the next episode. This episode was very informative on Hilmes front. But who are we kidding, we knew there was no way Daryun would let Arslan leave alone.


Rating: B+