Misono is the character who comes off like he’s all that an a box of matches. He comes across as arrogant and selfish, but we discovered his kind of a weenie.


He has a strict bedtime, or well scheduled narcolepsy. At 9pm on the dot he passes out, mid sentence. He is also insecure about his relationship with Miharu. He attempts to keep a wall between them, stating that this Servamp business is the only reason they are connected, so they aren’t really friends, more like work colleagues. Mahiru quickly smashes that wall, claiming Misono is his new friend, and he wants to introduce him to his old friends, Sakuya, and the others. He is especially interested in introducing him to Sakuya.


But Sakuya is a bit.. Of an enemy now. Sakuya is a subclass of Tsubakis, who manipulated Mahirus memories to implant himself as Mahirus best friend. We don’t know when exactly, at least before the events of episode 1. Sakuya is the one who warned Miharu about the vampires. In episode 2, Sakuya asks about Kuro, and Mahiru says Kuro is a normal cat, he lies to Sakuya. In Mahirus defence, if someone came up to you and said ‘my cats a lazy legendary vampire who enjoys potato chips’ you would toss them in a mental institution. Even in an anime universe, where crazy things get written off, that might not pass. Although!!! Sakuyas bright green hair is mentioned as ‘odd’ by Kuro. Colored hair is acknowledged! This has to be an anime first haha!


Anyways! So Sakuya is pissed at Mahiru for lying to him, or white-lying to him. He claims that if Mahiru was really his friend, that he wouldn’t have lied to him for any reason. Mahirus reason for lying to him is valid though, if Sakuya knew about the Servamps, he might have been taken as a hostage or victim, as sidekick characters often are. It is a twist that Sakuya is Tsubakis subclass.


The two display a very moral dilemma. At what point do you tell someone about something potentially dangerous. We don’t find out in this episode about why Sakuya is beyond destroyed by Mahirus ‘betrayal’ but there is a ghost with similar hair coloring to Sakuyas that makes a small appearance. What she whispers in his ear freaks him out, and he loses it a bit more.


He becomes quite cruel as well. He switches from questioning Mahirus memories, pestering him to try and discern what memories were planted and which memories were real, to speaking about how he wished they could have remained friends for even a week longer. The end of the friendship seems to have nothing to do with Sakuya being a Subclass of the vampire trying to kill Mahiru, but that Mahiru lied to Sakuya.


Sakuya does attack Mahiru once, but Kuro intervenes, and ends up injured on the ground. Kuro was proactive for once.


This battle with Sakuya also draws upon the second major conflict of the episode. Mahirus inability to use Kuro effectively. Mahiru comes across as a stupidly driven character, but he is actually very uncertain. If you were confronted with situations like these, you would be uncertain too. Mahiru is a very relatable characters surprisingly.


Each Eve is given a weapon by their Servamp. Misonos is his chair, and Mahirus is now a broom. It’s a very ‘created by shadows’ looking broom with an overlay of what looks like some black hole world effects. He has difficulty drawing it out at first because he doesn’t know if he wants to fight Sakuya or protect him. That is also the reason why Kuro isn’t much help, his power is based off of Mahirus resolve. With Mahiru as uncertain as he is, Kuro is basically a regular cat.


Despite calling his weapon out, Mahiru cant control it, and it ends up controlling him. He begins using it to hit and slash at Sakuya, but he doesn’t want to. There is an internal monologue where he is pleading to stop, but he cant control his body. Kuros voice is also in Mahirus head, claiming if he continues to be controlled by the broom, and kill Sakuya, he wont be able to stay human. Whether this is meant in a moral or physical form is unknown. We haven’t heard any stories about Eves becoming vampires, right now the only way to become a vampire is through a Servamp, and becoming their subclass. It would make for a very good origin story for Tsubaki. If Tsubaki was an Eve who was taken over by his Weapon. We already know that both Servamps and their Subclasses can affect humans memories, perhaps the Servamps memories were affected to allow Tsubaki a fresh start as a Servamp.


The battle isn’t concluded, but Misono shows up towards the end. Sakuya begins psychologically torturing Misono, judging and questioning his friendship with Mahiru like he’s jealous. He then switches to behave all melancholy like, wishing they could have been friends, talking about how happy he would have been to attend the school festival, and even be friends with Misono. He is very manipulative.


The pacing of these episodes is very slow, with like 2 significant scenes in each episode. The episodes do follow the source material well though, which is extremely appreciated. Id much rather there be slow pacing, but all aspects and information included.


We are introduced to a new aspect of Kuro, his internal world. Mahiru when choosing his weapon is taken to a neon/inverted colored type world to choose his weapon. A plushie version of Kuro, who represents Kuros power is Mahirus guide to choosing his weapon. The world they are in uses neon colors for outlines, and there is a filter overtop that looks like finger smudges. Its sufficiently creepy and gives a very ‘twisted on the inside’ feel that you would expect from an immortal vampire.


The plushie-Kuro characters voice is 2 voices overlaying each other, one high pitched, the other low pitched. Creep factor +10. Creating the atmosphere for that setting is done well. I wish we got to see more of it, but it was only a temporary scene.


With Sakuya in the frame, there were a lot of quick change angles, reflecting Sakuyas erratic behaviour. When he is showing a more sadistic side, his hair covers his eyes, his mouth is sharp and the rest is blurred slightly. Other shots included angled and looking up, shots from behind Mahiru and straight on shots of Sakuya. There are never any angles from behind Sakuya, because the audience is not supposed to be behind Sakuya, in a position where we agree with Sakuya. We are supposed to relate to Mahiru, and we are not afforded any insight into why Sakuya is so butt hurt over a white lie, so being on his side is just not an option for the audience right now. When Misono and Sakuya first met, the area is lime green, the colors of evil. As the fight progresses, the green is removed as a color overlay, because the conflict isn’t about vampires but more as a moral, personal conflict between friends. In a battle between friends, there isn’t good and evil.


Music wise, there isn’t much, besides in a few scenes during the fight. During the big reveal of false memories, Mahiru goes through some of his memories in which Sakuya is glitching out, there is a slowly rising music, that reaches a high when Mahiru I guess accepts that some of the memories are fake. We still don’t know where the memories stop and start. We may never know. We don’t know yet how old Sakuya is or when he was turned into a subclass. The conflict hasn’t been prevalent between Tsubaki and the Servamps yet, considering none of them know who Tsubaki is,  but then again none that we have met so far are keen on being proactive it seems..


As for sound effects, you would assume when Mahiru is attacking with his broom there would be effects, but you would be wrong. The inner monologue overpowers all. The scenes slow down as Mahiru pleads with himself to stop. Its like watching a car accident, you’re helpless to stop it. Those effects used together do a good job of creating a helpless atmosphere.


Okay so in episode 4 the fight should reach a conclusion. Tsubaki shows up at the end of the episode, claiming its just to watch, but if Sakuya is going to be in trouble, Tsubaki will probably rescue him and fly away. Whether Sakuya shows up at school, or if all memories of him at school are erased are in the air. The memories of Sakuya will not be erased from Mahirus mind, because that would make for a boring plot  deice. Without the memories, there would be no later conflict.


Rating: A