So episode 5 is where shit hits the fan. The Orcos and Vanettis are holding a truce, with Neros coffin as the dinner table.


So the road trip lasted significantly less than anticipated. With the Vanettis and the Orcos holding a truce, then Nero can come home, but he wont receive a warm welcome. Frate, Neros younger brother, is in favor of his brothers lifeblood being used as wax to seal the truce. In addition, Ronaldo, the Galassia nephew who married Frates sister, and is acting as a go-between for the family’s, has ‘appointed’ Frate as the new Don of the Vanetti family. Im guessing if the Current Don Vanetti doesn’t comply, that that would effectively kill the truce talks.


So why is Avilio going to help Nero hide from the Vanettis and the Orcos? If Nero is killed, then that takes care of his revenge! Don’t tell me its because of his ego, he has to be the one to kill Nero.. Corteo had the same question. Avilio is keeping Nero alive because he does not know who the 4th person who killed his family was. If Nero dies now, and Don Vanetti as going to keel over any second now, then the name dies with him. Avilio seriously missed his chance back at that campfire to get that fourth member. It would have been an easy assumption that Vanno and his father were present, he could have asked! Or thinking about who Don Vanetti would have chosen, could Frate be a candidate? He took his eldest son, his sons friend, why not take his youngest son, and make it a learning experience. Family hunting trip.


Or it could have been someone more experienced, so Don wasn’t babysitting 3 younglings.


Going back to the first episode, the three people inside the house is Nero, Vince, and Vanno. There is a 4th man, but you only see the back of his head as Angelo is running from the house. He was not inside the house, but most likely the driver. So its not Frate. The driver would most likely be an experienced member, and someone Vincent Vanetti trusted implicitly. He had just murdered the old Don Vanetti.


Vincent Vanetti does have a butler standing beside him in all of his scenes. He may be the 4th man, but that wouldn’t be too climatic. We never hear the butler actually speak.. But he would be an adequate driver.


What would be climatic is if a member of the Galassia family or Orco family was the 4th man.


Well Fango is also on the hit list of both families, so an enemy of my enemy is my friend, correct? Avilio thinks so at least, and arranges for Fango to house Nero, Corteo, and Neros men. The condition, they have to bring Don Orco to Fango, so Fango can become the next Don Orco. In order to protect Nero from Fango, because Fango is still psychotic, Avilio gives Nero the credit for offering to capture Don Orco.


We finally have a set location! 91 Days takes place in America. We know this because in a special building, Neros men are mass producing Corteos moonshine. A comment is made, ‘it tastes better than what we bring over from Canada’. Canada was mentioned! Woot! Well that means this is all happening in the Good Ole US of A.


Beating a dead horse here, but the cars are frustrating me still. At least now the camera will shake while showing characters inside the car, giving an appearance of the car shaking. You can tell it’s the camera because the background outside doesn’t shake independently of the window.


Now, usually when characters are alone, the details in their faces and outfits go up. Now in episode 1, my criticism was that up until 3 people on screen, the detail was fine. Now, unless it is a super close-up of their face, the details are non-existent. In a couple scenes Nero didn’t even have a nose. His face was flat in the front.


Also, the backgrounds no longer resemble paintings, they are paintings. You can see brush strokes. Now I don’t know if seeing the brushstrokes in real life is a good or bad thing, but the sudden and intense switch to smudged paint-drops as backgrounds is extremely odd. If this is supposed to somehow reflect Avilios mental state, then what would this be saying? He isn’t happy, he is more frustrated than ever at the discovery of a 4th person. Its such a drastic change, I wish I had to do with a characters inner monologue.


In dark areas, there is what looks like a film over the scene. It hazes everything, fuzzing the outlines and it doesn’t look good. I’ve notices this effect in multiple animes this season, what even is it? Between the light dispersion effects resulting in the over exposure of the characters, and the film blurring things even more, Im not sure what’s going on. Some scenes just look terrible.


The pacing of the scenes is another issue. During gunfights, there is no way that the people took over 30 seconds to reach the guy collapsed at the doorway. The cuts in the scene with Fango were pretty erratic AS WELL, BUT THAT’S BECAUSE FANGO IS nuts and the quick shifting demonstrates that nicely.


Story wise, 91 days is on the up and up. Nose wise, Neros falling a little short.


Rating: B