Tsumugi faces her biggest enemy, green peppers.


Tsumugi and Kouhei are back, and as hungry as ever. Both Granny and a co-worker of Kouheis give the two of them a package of vegetables, but Kouhei doesn’t know what to do with veggies yet. All he knows is Tsumugi likes meat. She draws a photo for her granny, requesting meat. Its cute.


So stuffed peppers it is then, with meat inside the pepper shell.


Tsumugi isn’t impressed. She starts to cry. Here’s Kouhei, loving what he has cooked so much he has taken a photo of it, but Tsumugi hates it. But why?


She hates green pepper. Its bitter, and according to Kotori, children can perceive bad tasting food as dangerous, which is why when you grow up you can eat those veggies that you hated as a kid.


So the mission, get Tsumugi to eat green pepper. Kouhei isn’t the type of parent to shovel food into her mouth and hold her lips closed until she swallows, so he must be sneaky. One mom suggested cutting it up into fine pieces, but Tsumugi could see them and picked them out.


Kotori comes up with an idea, make the veggies fun!


So the dinner idea is Gratin, veggies, Béchamel sauce and cheese. Lots of cheese. Tsumugi is thrilled at the idea, especially when she is given jobs to do to help such as washing the veggies. When she is confronted with a red pepper, she is annoyed. But her father shows her that the pepper is red, not green, so she would be okay. She even uses the empty pepper shell as a juice cup to make it fun.


The cooking process is the same as ever, with Kouhei doing the cooking to Kotoris instructions. She lectures him on the difference between Béchamel sauce and white sauce. She was oddly defensive of it.


Well,  mission accomplished! Tsumugi ate a green pepper by accident, made a face, but she swallowed it. Kouhei praised her heavily. But Tsumugis a sneaky butt. She offered her daddy a spoon of her gratin, but on the spoon was all of her green peppers hidden in the cheese. Cheeky Monkey.


This series is always adorable, and the micromovements are what take it that one step further. The pauses before putting the peppers in to gauge Tsumugis reaction, the shared looks when trying to distract Tsugumi, and of course, the lit up eyes Tsugumi is most known for. Also, most prevalent in this episode, Tsugumis look of disgust at the green  peppers. Her face changing a little when she is about to cry, her lips all pouty, it’s the small movements hat make the emotion. Its great.


We do get to see some new hairstyles on Tsumugi, she is rocking some twin tails this go round, and it is absolutely adorable. She performs a dance in order to help the sauce cook, which also gets Tsugumi excited about the meal in hopes that she doesn’t notice the peppers.


All in all, the dinner was a success. Tsugumi ate  green pepper, but she still doesn’t like it. She tried it though, that’s all that can be asked of her at this point I guess.


Rating: B+