Tsumugi is hanging around some unfavorable people now is she? I would hope not!

Well she is perusing the streets with an unfamiliar blonde man, who offers Tsumugi a cigarette! Well at least that’s what Kotori saw, before confronting the pair. Turns out has a friend of Kouheis and is watching Tsumugi for the day. The cigarette is a chocolate stick.


This weeks dilemma is actually suggested by Kotori, the confection: Donuts!

This came to be when Tsumugi eluded to not liking donuts, and seemed ashamed by that confession. Well Kotori wasn’t having it. The theme of getting kids to eat what they don’t like continues on from the last episode.

Instead of dinner, the three of them congregate at lunchtime, but Kotoris mother still doesn’t make an appearance. They create the dough, with various montages between the steps, before the donuts are complete. We do find out Tsumugis reasoning for disliking donuts; she isn’t sure if they are a snack or a meal, because they fill you up so quickly. If that is not the cutest or oddest answer, then I don’t know what to tell you.

Now this series has been great up to this point, but it has a major flaw, one that is going to matter in the next couple episodes, the actual storyline.

Nothing really happens or carries on episode to episode. There is no long term goal, sure Kouhei wants to learn to cook for Tsumugi, but he does that in episode 4. Goal achieved. What’s next? There is no end game for these characters. In episode 1 I predicted the dead mother would have an impact, mainly in the form of Tsumugi discovering she was dead dead and not ‘at a farm upstate’ or some other story told to children who don’t understand death.

We see Tsumugi go through pretty intense emotions for a girl her age, and she isn’t good at hiding them. Her emotions, be them happy, sad, or disgusted, are all pretty clear on her face, and are addressed in that episode. So her mother is not a prevalent thought on her mind.

Now we do have 7 episodes to go, but with the series almost half over, shouldn’t there be some hint of a climax or conflict that will be used for the remaining episodes? After 5 episodes of ‘lets cook, yay that was great!’ it gets kind of old. Tsumugis growing personality is the saving grace, but that can only sustain viewership for so long.

We are introduced to new characters, Yagi, the man mistaken by Kotori for a kidnapper. He is Kouheis friend, who knew Kouheis wife. He comments how much Tsumugi resembles her mother, which could be a nostalgic comment, or it could be a type of foreshadowing. Mentioning her mother could be to remind the audience that the mother exists and to mentally prepare them, or it could be a script to tie Yagi into a timeline of his and Kouheis relationship.

As I say this I know that the realization that her mothers dead, and going through that grief may be a cliché plot type, but it is what comes to mind with small children as the main character.

I do see them addressing it in a single episode, trying to wrap it up. I don’t think this series turning into ‘Tsugumi goes to therapy’ would be very exciting. It would be funny, but not marketable as a lighthearted series. So I have no idea where this is going to go. A second plot action that could be used, would be Kouheis relationship with Kotori being exposed and misunderstood, but that would ruin the lighthearted feel the show has maintained for far.

So while this cutesy anime is capturing hearts, it isn’t capturing minds. The stories could very well be standalone episodes, or rearranged in basically any order and maintain relative consistency.

A positive consistency is the attention to detail. Literally everything stays the same; storyline, level of detail, and character roles. Its all the same…

Rating: B-