Kaho, the new girlfriend of 5th grader Kaede, is not too excited about her status change.


Sure it was sunshine and rainbows when he was an attractive high schooler or at least a middle schooler, but an elementary student?? No one really seems to point out just how different Kaede looks from other, developmentally normal 5th graders. Last episode we saw them in their class, and Kaede and his two friends are the only abnormally large students.  Now for animes sake, this is understandable for a couple reasons. Smaller characters are often portrayed as non-sexual, immature characters. Not that Kaede isn’t immature… he’s a 10 year old boy, of course he’s immature. But that immaturity juxtaposed with his mature and attractive appearance is the base for the plot of the series.


Now some people have called this the ‘pervert’ anime, and frankly I would agree. This is a 15 year old dating a 10 year old. In Japan age gaps aren’t too much of a concern when it is older male/younger female. These types of relationships are seen across the world, and in some points to the extreme.


Kaede and Kaho are not the only couple in the show. Chiaki and Arashi are also a couple, and live in the same boarding house. They are also 5 years apart. Arashi is the elder. They are the mirror image of Kaho and Kaede.


Kaho is aware of how unusual her relationship is, and is trying to hide it from Kaedes father, the landlord of the boarding house she is in. The mother is not in the picture, Kaede revealed she died a couple years earlier, but not before teaching him some core insights on women. You only touch a woman if she is your girlfriend, and if she is okay with you touching her. Kaede seems to explain these rules as if they were common sense. What isn’t common sense to him is how to be in a relationship.


While skulking around the table in search of seaweed  packets he asks questions, like what do couples do on dates, and what is a virgin. Oh lordy. This kid… *deep breath* The comedy stems from this lack of presence, or lack of filter. Juxtaposition is the highest form of comedy. That’s why tough men with high squeaky voices are so funny. Laughter is just a response to panic. True story.


Continuing the theme of dicks, Kaede and his three friends, Tomu, Munemitsu and Ciel-lookalike Renren, are in a deep conversation about something precious, their treasures. When Kaho gets close, Kaede hushes them all, and says they should stop taking about it, cause it could hurt Kahos feelings. Is he cheating already? Pfft. That’s what the show wants us to think. We already know they’re talking about their ‘precious’ wieners. Renren at least has the mind to say they shouldn’t say Weiner in front of a Lady.


What I was not expecting was Kaede, with a completely straight face, offer an apology to Kaho, because he doesn’t have a spare wiener to give her. What..

And when she says she doesn’t want one, the shock on those boys faces!! I’ve never laughed so hard! Okay that’s a lie but my mouth hung open as the bishi-10 year old’s stood there in horror until Kaho proclaimed ‘Okay I want a Weiner!” What even is this show!!


On that note, Arashi is obsessed with Renren, like he has collectables. He tells Kaho he is into ‘pretty girl boys, like Renren’ and shows her his collection. Its then that he shares his opinion on her relationship with Kaede. He doesn’t think its weird. Then comes the whole emotional talk, Kaede accepted Kaho as she is, Chiaki accepted Arashi as he is, could Kaho accept Kaede? This poor girl has been through enough! But yet life keeps coming at her.


Yagi, an older male resident and assumed ally offered to host a welcome party for Kaho. When no one showed up, he angrily pinned her to the wall, calling her a stupid rich girl, and voicing his opinion that he thinks she’s disgusting. This brings up memories for Kaho about being abandoned by her friends because of differing social classes.


She is rescued, again, by her knight in tinfoil. Kaede flicks Yagis forehead, because he’s hurting Kaho right?? Nope. the ladybug he had told him about wasn’t as big as he had claimed. He does however, punch him in the face for making Kaho cry. Maybe Kaede makes a good boyfriend…


Okay so there have been tons of criticism of Kahos character, because technically she is a weak character,  but in order to be too scared to break up with her 10 year old boyfriend, you would have to have a weak character. Chiaki is a strong female character, to counter Arashi, her… weak and weird boyfriend. Her boyfriend being obsessed with dolls of an even younger boy would also be considered weird, so maybe this anime is more progressive than we are initially giving it credit for. Or its just the reason parents shake their head when they discover their child is into anime. Either way, I enjoy this series. I do think the wiener jokes will get old, but they may still be a prevalent theme just based on the character types we are given.


And oh what characters are we given! It reminds me a bit of Sekirei, without the boob physics and death.


Rating: B+