Its date time! Kaho and Kaede embark on their first date as a couple. But what’s involved in a date? Playing on the playground? Digging holes? Playing Three-Man Dodgeball? Yup yup and yup!

So we have that awkward moment from the last episode, with Taga pinning Kaho against the wall and donning that scary ugly face to show just how disgusted with her he is. Kaho avoids making eye contact with him the next day but like the sadistic bully he is, he calls her out on it. Not in an evil way, more like in… well he’s still disgusted with her behavior cause he’s a jerk.

Chiaki is the one who ‘rescues’ Kaho by picking on Taga. Chiaki as a character, you don’t know whether or not to like her. She is blunt and condescending, but she has a point to some of the things she says. She’s like an.. Angry bookworm, frustrated by being surrounded by stupid people. This completely counteracts Arashis personality, but when the two are together they do seem happy.

So Kaho and Kaedes date begins, it is unlike what Kaho is expecting. She has no date experience so through small mental imaginings we see 2 main themes, an kiss, and a ‘white knight’ Kaede. This contrasts heavily with the real Kaede, who is confused why other kids enjoy climbing poles and hanging out in the middle. The kids are masturbating on the pole.

The date continues onto the sandbox, where the goal is to build a tunnel. So Kaho is sent to retrieve water, pouring it on the sand to compact the mound. Once the mound is complete, then comes shoving your hand through to make a tunnel. Cute right? Well, Kahos in a skirt, and she’s still in her uniform so digging in the dirt just makes a mess of her. Her idea of what a date is is conflicting with the actual date happening in front of her. This just creates a spiral of emotions, especially when an older couple on a mature date passes by and is overheard by Kaho.

When their hands connect inside the sand mound, Kaho is surprised, but Kaede is more happy about finally creating a tunnel. He’s just very happy, its cute.

Chiaki shows up with Arashi, also on a date. Although Arashis idea of a date is taking pictures of his Renren figurines in various places. Boys.

When questioned about her relationship with Arashi, mainly asking if Arashi was a disappointment as a boyfriend, Chiaki is very calm. As long as they are hot and sweet, its fine, there are many types of dates just like there are many types of couples. Its very sweet and philosophical for an anime about dickjokes and dating kids. Chiaki is a very selective character. She bully’s some characters while being kind to others. It’s a weird balance. She picks on Taga but she destroys Shuta, just because he’s shy and indecisive. Apparently that’s the character type she hates, but she makes him cry at some point. Not only does she blatantly assume he’s a virgin, but when she finds out he has a crush on Kaho she outright destroys him, even as he is trying to stand up for himself. Chiaki is a love-hate character.

Now how does the date end? Well from the thumbnail you can probably tell. It ends with a kiss. Kaho leans up to kiss his cheek, like a light, this was fun kiss, but Kaede isn’t satisfied. Rules of a date require a lip kiss.

Now Kaede is very immature in some regards, but his mother instilled some good rules in him before she passed. He asks politely for peoples seaweed packets, you don’t touch a girl unless she is your girlfriend and okay with it, don’t make a girl cry, and end dates with a kiss. This every growing list of polite behaviors that Kaede acts are common sense is pretty damn endearing. And Kaede is only motivated by having a good time, and doing things right. Now if he had pinned her to the wall and make a sexual advance on her, 1 that would be age inappropriate, and 2 where did that knight in tinfoil go?

So now with the relationship sealed with a kiss and the admission that Shuta likes Kaho, this will probably result in the relationship being exposed to Kaedes dad. Im assuming the dad is one of those dads where he’s fine with it. I wouldn’t put it past the show to reveal that Kaedes mother was 5 years older than his father. With one couple already being 5 years apart as well, anime cliché dictates ALL couples must be 5 years apart. If and when Kaho finds out Shuta likes her it will probably send her into a tail spin of overwhelming emotions with no satisfying ending.

Its okay Shuta, Ill comfort you.

The romantic bits through the episode mixed with the childish behaviour kept you in a constant wave of emotions. “awwe, ooh, awwe, ooh, what? Awwe’ and all. The balance Kaede shows between immature and mature behaviours is satisfying. I am still enjoying the series. It makes me laugh, both from the comedy and the awkward tension, like Kaede asking if Kaho has to poop because she’s squirming nervously, and then storytelling a time he almost pooped his pants.

The voices of Kaede and his friends have gotten deeper since the Funimation Broadcast Dub. The VA for Edward Elric is Kaede, so you can just imagine how that sounds. Not like a 10 year old.

Rating: B