In behind the scenes animes, what is the motivation to move from episode to episode? Is it the characters, their struggles, or the insight into the creation of popular media?


Traditionally, cliff-hangers and unfinished information are used to entice the viewer to move onto the next episode. New Game doesn’t really have normal climax’s. There is no struggle our character must delve deep inside themselves to overcome in a battle anime sense. Typically the climax’s have to do with the character relations. In episode 2, the climax in my opinion, is when Aoba and Hifumi bond over Sojiro, Hifumis hedgehog. In videogame speak, Achievement Unlocked: Befriending the Introvert.


The relationships with the other members of the character/motion team aren’t the focus, as of yet, but they also may not become a whole episode on their own. There are plenty of characters that were not focussed on as supporting character in other Behind the Scenes animes. Not every character is going to be best friends with every character, and that is okay. Chances are though that we will learn more of other members of the characters in varying degrees of depth as the story progresses. Most will probably take place when Aoba, a newbie, is looking for advice on certain tasks.


Until then, there is a welcoming party held in her honor in which they go drinking. Aoba herself is too young to drink so it becomes a  sobers persons view on drunkards. Cause that’s always fun.


The detailing of the characters has been consistent with the first episode, with detailed faces, hair movements and consistent hair highlight/shading. When the characters, Yagami, Yun and Rin become intoxicated-drunk off their asses, then their pupils disappear and their eyes just become hazy.


The voice acting was done well when it came to a character being distracted, tired, nervous or drunk. Telling the emotions of the characters was easier than in the first episode. Embarrassment in characters is heavily blushed, while an awestruck character has the quivering eye highlights.


While we are given the goal of the release of Faerie Story 3, I don’t think in 10 more episodes the game will be finished without a large time skip, unless the game becomes cancelled or the timeline for the game is pushed forwards. This would create the rushed drama associated with deadlines. As it is there isn’t much of a climax in the episodes. Seeing the background elements are interesting as always. I look forwards to seeing more.


Rating: B