Okay so while some series give us little to no information, Kiznaiver is the complete opposite. We learn so much information all at once, its hard to keep track of it all.


So we have the 6 Kiznaivers. I had assumed Sonozaki herself was going to be the 7th Kiznaiver, but she isn’t. There is a 7th, and it is up to the first 6 to find him.


So we have Tenga Hajime, the pink haired guy who rescued Katsuhira from the bullies. He is rather spastic and he takes advantage of others hospitality and Katsuhiras indifference, in a friendly way. He appears to have good intentions, he just comes off as rude and inconsiderate sometimes. He is terrified of dogs and has done extensive research on his neighbors and dog frequented locations to avoid them at any and all costs.


Niyama Nico is the character who resembles characters from Kill la Kill, both in how she acts and how she is animated. She pops up out of nowhere, she changes positions without a transition, and her movements are very large and… well eccentric. She is the daughter of a rich man who owns the local hospital but that doesn’t mean she is dumb. She is actually quite smart, in a childish way. While searching for the 7th Kiznaiver, it was her idea to cause each of them a small amount of pain to see who else would react to that pain.


Maki Honoka is probably one of the characters we don’t learn a lot about. Her most telling feature is that she is a negative nelly. Like badly. She is very blunt and harsh, one of those ‘you didn’t honestly think I meant that’ with a downwards look of condescension. She picks on Yuta, but she doesn’t use her full ‘power’ because she is hiding her ‘terrible personality’ for the most part.


Yuta*** is a former fat child, featured on a toothbrush commercial. He is embarrassed of his past, although I don’t know why a poster of him as a child would still be in circulation, but that’s besides the point. Yuta himself has his own type of terrible personality. He craves the attention of women to validate himself, and enjoys it when they fawn over him. His character design is very much the ‘smiles with his eyes closed but when he opens them your screwed’ type of character. He is quick to complain and easy to blackmail due to his former fat kid status.


Chidori has been friends with Katsuhira for a long time, and her relationship with him defines her. She is concerned with Katsuhira 100% of the time, be it that he’s hurt, he’s apathetic, or he’s indifferent and it hurts her feelings. She confessed to everyone that she was in love with Katsuhira before he became apathetic and indifferent, and wants that Katsuhira back. Tenga ends up dragging it out of her that she still loves him. We don’t know much about her past her involvement with Katsuhira, and frankly, with her character type, I don’t think we will find out more. She very much resembles the standard, stereotype of a girl; obsessed with a guy, pretty, and motherly. All characters typically represent a stereotypical anime personality type so its not that big of a deal.


Katsuhira is still the main focus of the characters, despite his lack of.. Everything. Except mystery. He is surrounded by mystery, and it is clear that the memory from the first episode is influencing Katsuhira. He is more aware of his lack of awareness of himself. He admits that he doesn’t understand why others, namely Chidori are concerned about him because he takes no interest in himself. This is shown in spades when he throws himself off of a bridge, is stuck by a transport truck and bounced into a car just to get the 7th Kiznaiver to trust him.


The 7th and elusive Kiznaiver is Hisomu, a student who has not shown up for class once. Nico recognizes the name because he is always at her fathers hospital with broken bones and bruises. While the others debate whether that means he is suicidal, crazy, or a con artist, Katsuhira is considering perhaps this person is like him, unable to feel and indifferent to pain. This is most likely the reason Katsuhira shows interest in getting this person to be on their side. If this person is starving for a connection, then they may be the same.


Nope. Hisomu is a masochist and when he is struck with the pain from Katsuhiras truck/car impact he collapses in pure bliss, and im pretty sure he had an orgasm.


Hisomu loves pain because it makes him feel alive. He claims there is nothing sexual about it, but we all saw his face.


We also know that the homeroom teacher and guidance councillor are in on the Kiznaiver project. We don’t know how large the project is, but if it warrants the creation of a whole city, it must be pretty large. We are left to what appears to be a PowerPoint presentation to a large group of people, with Sonozaki as the presenter.


We do find out that the Kiznaiver marks can project a hologram bracelet, displaying numbers, text, and times. The marks do not go away and it is up to the person to hide it. Sonozaki reveals that they Kiznaiver project will last the summer and then they will be free. Whether the mark disappears after that is unknown.


So this development is really interesting. Clearly there is a large amount of people who are invested in this project. The choice of characters is very cliché, but the personalities are given enough time to stand on their own. Hisomu and Katsuhira are a special relationship to keep an eye on, as well as Katsuhira himself. He seems to be going through an internal struggle with his pain being taken from him and the impact it is having on his life now. I can liken it to putting on glasses for the first time. You know there is detail and clarity just beyond your eyes ability to see, but you cant reach it on your own. Katsuhira is aware of pain and knowns others feel it, but he is physically incapable of feeling it. He cant see that element of life but he knows its there. Sonozakis words about wanting to connect seem to have sparked something inside Katsuhira as now he is making more insightful and self-reflective statements.


This is definitely more interesting than I thought it would be.


Rating: A