We always like it when a character is relatable don’t we. We enjoy when these pretty, long haired, clear skinned characters suffer the same craptastic points of real life that we real people feel. Well, Aoba has officially been late for work and is stressing over the possible punishments!

She overslept, like we all have, and rushes to make it on time. Her hair is still perfect and she doesn’t look tired, which is a bit disappointing, but I guess its fine. She runs into Yuna on the train, who also overslept. She is far less stressed about it that Aoba is. Granted Aoba is the newest member and starting off her employment by being late is a pretty stressful event. Im paranoid about being late well into a year of employment.

Well, Yuna and Aoba almost make it in the nick of time, but Aoba is the most incompetent runner. The two start running at the station but Aoba quickly falls behind, before falling forwards onto her face. *** witnesses this and all 3 are late for work by now.

Yagami scolds them all, but coos at Aoba when she sees she’s hurt, dismissing the punishments and instead opting for sympathy and understanding. She reverts quickly when learning the real reason for the tardys was oversleeping.. So relatable though.

Now Aoba is given her first assignment, creating an NPC for Faerie Story 3. Exciting right? Well her first submission is returned, again, again, and again. Yagami is not satisfied with any of the characters. This goes on for a week, with Yagami commenting on the lack of depth of the character.

We notice a lot of things about Yagami over this lapsed week. Aoba is staying later and later to try and fix this character, but Yagami is always so engrossed in her work. She does sleep over in her underwear.. So its understandable I guess. She is surprisingly professional while working. It contrasts her usual personality we see when she’s interacting with other characters; comfortable, unprofessional, drunk.

Often when Aoba is leaving and says goodbye, Yagami more or less just waves her off instead of a proper send-off.

At one point Aoba was giving a monologue about how she wanted to emulate Yagami, so I was a bit disappointed that Aoba didn’t spend the night at the office to at least emulate that aspect of Yagami, especially when she is given a deadline on her character. The goal is for 1 character a day and so far this NPC was taking 7.

Even when Aoba doesn’t meet the deadline Yagami isn’t angry at all. She doesn’t really mention it because later that day the model is complete.

Aoba was able to complete the character through giving it a personality and altering the facial expression to match that character type. This is probably triggered through watching Yun and Hajime debate over how a character should move. Yun designed the character and had an image in her head, but Hajime is on the motion team and creates the movements. They fight for the individual personality they have attached to this character and how that would influence the characters walk.

Now I do feel like not much happened in the episode action wise. Character progression wise though, a lot happened. Aobas Achievement Unlocked: Create a 3D Model, could not have been a quick obstacle because she is the newbie. There was adequate time allotted for the natural progression of screw-ups and epiphany’s. The clues were not overtly obvious either. You don’t know what is missing from the character until Aoba knows as well. The climax of the episode was definitely the epiphany of what to do about the characters final edits. A lot of actions Aoba took were not typical actions, or what I expected. Again, I expected her to spend the night at the office like Yagami to try and get into her mindset, especially after the first couple days of retakes, and after coming to the conclusion at the end, I expected her to run back to the office, not go to bed. How can you sleep after having your mind blown by a solution plaguing you for a week??

So unless this series receives a second season, I don’t think we will see the final product of Faerie Story 3. We also don’t see much of the actual creation process of the 3D models. We see small adjustments being made, but most shots of the model were of Yagami spinning it around and looking it over. Im not saying I want a step by step tutorial, but even during the ‘training’ or working through the textbook we never saw any of the products. Besides, if we followed Yagami herself for a little while we would probably see more of what goes on. Hopefully later episodes will expand on the different teams and how they interact to bring together a finished product or area. If animation, coding, and sound came together that would be very cool and give us at least a taste of the ‘behind the scenes’ this series is trying to give us.

Rating: B-