So the battle between Stalker and Bro-con begins.  At the end of episode 3, Takumi Aldini was challenged to a Shokugeki by Mimisaka, his opponent in the next round of the elections. Takumi agreed. The terms were that if Takumi lost, he would give Mimisaka his mezzaluna. We don’t know what Takumi would reciee if he won, so that’s already a kind of foreshadowing.


Now Mimisaka is a downright creep. Aside from the fact that throughout the episode his height changed, mostly for a mood setting purpose, he is a hulking man with delicate movements. He is a stalker, who predicts what his opponent is going to do, and what kind of tricks they will pull to try and outsmart him. If he wasn’t such a villain, he would be hailed as a genius and be one of the top liked characters. His tactics are really cool and interesting, he’s just a total ass about it. Granted intimidation is one of the tactics he uses to freak out his opponent. Reading aloud the steps of the recipe as if they are purposefully doing the same recipe is pretty unnerving.


So this Shokugeki is pretty much set from the start. There are moments where Takumi seems to have the upper hand, maybe even a secret weapon, but because he is so predictable and open about what motivates him, Mimisaka already knowns what he is planning to do and is able to pre-emptively strike.


One of the judges takes issue with Mimisakas tactics, but he cant hide his true feeling about the food. He loves it.


It’s a unanimous decision. Takumi Aldini lost the Shokugeki, his spot in the elections, and his family’s Mezzaluna. Its been a tough day for the Aldini family.


The shows composition is still fantastic. Being able to counter the largely stagnant scenes by moving the camera, panning left, right, up and down to create the movement, as well as using different angles and perspectives to aide in the emotional struggle was fantastic. Cooking is usually such a low-key event that this creativity and ingenuity creates such an atmosphere of hype, the need for the fanservicey stripping is  not really needed. It hasn’t been included, either because the production team realized they didn’t/couldn’t use it, or because in this episode and in episodes past there have not been an abundance of women to strip. And seeing old men, overweight men, and intensely serious men stripping would be more comical than sexual.


There were a lot of out of scene cuts as well. Depictions of Mimisaka as an actual demon, train tracks shifting to represent the train of thought, and flashbacks to the Aldini restaurant were used. We only see Soma twice, but he never speaks. He has a look that im assuming means he’s watching Mimisaka to learn from him, or he’s trying to figure out what he would do in Takumis position.


The episode did not disappoint. The outcome was pretty predictable, but we know Mimisaka will eventually battle Soma, cause why would  they introduce this character without having him face off against soma. Soma is also a jack of all trades at this point.t there isn’t a style he would shy away from, so it’ll either be a battle of stepping up a Yukihira dish or going in blank, and working on the fly. Both tactics I can see Soma using, so tune in!!!


Rating: A-