This season is a good season for genres and plot types to take a bit of a back seat. We have a sports anime that doesn’t focus on sports, and we have an idol anime that doesn’t take place solely on a stage.

Battery this time around was pretty cute. You got to see more of Seiha and why Harada doesn’t want him playing baseball. The actual baseball in the episode was limited to 3 small scenes of catch, and Go mercilessly teasing Harada until he snapped.

So Seiha, I think he has an illness, or just a weak body after all. Harada makes more remarks about how he wont hold up, pointing out that he will never be a good baseball player, considering he gets winded after running for a few moments. Go seems to support Seihas dream of playing baseball, and that’s something the two have in common. Both Seihas mom and Go’s mom have asked Harada to convince them to quit playing baseball.

Harada obviously declined both requests. He doesn’t want Seiha to play either, but his mother pushing him in any direction angers him. Not a lot is revealed about Harada either. I do think he is suffering from depression though. His lackluster personality, the way he lashes out at others and a complete disregard for his own body are pretty strong points of his personality. There are small bouts of passion though, or something he feels strongly about. He feels strongly about Go being his catcher. He surprised even himself with the amount of passion he declared that with.

He also lost his composure when Seiha was lost in a shrine. After tossing Seihas baseball into the forest out of anger, Seiha was told to go home but he didn’t. So when looking for him again, Harada was under a type of pressure he never had been before, and the first expression besides anger and indifference made its appearance.

When Seiha was found, he said he trusted Harada to come find him. Well this broke Harada and he sat on the ground and started crying. It was pretty sweet, because you didn’t expect someone who was borderline abusive to start crying like that..

Go is hitting the nail on the head when psycho analyzing the pitcher. He is quick to call him out on being an ass and makes some pretty astute conclusions. He knew Harada was panicking because he had never had the pressure of ‘bases loaded, no outs’. Which of course when he pointed that out received an earful from Harada about being skilled enough to never let that happen.

At the end though, Harada seemed to be injured. He woke up in a bed, with his mother upset over him. She claimed that they had to get a doctor and Ivs, and claimed that he might not remember last night. This in general is confusing. If he’s injured, wouldn’t it be his arm, not his head? Or did he have a fever from falling into the pond? I’ve always wondered why Japanese colds are so much more severe than colds I’ve had. If I had a runny nose and got the day off of school id love it!

Now there is one issue I have with this episode, and no its not the emotions being poorly displayed again, but the result of a baseball being thrown. Harada throws at 100%, but Go doesn’t take a step back, sway, or move at all. He didn’t even move his hand. There was absolutely nooo movement. Someone photoshopped a baseball moseying into a still image of a glove. And the 100% pitches before were knocking Go over with their force. There was no comment about it being weak, so it wasn’t not a 100% pitch, so the lack of reaction is confusing and disappointing.

Go’s mother, the one who tried to get Harada to make her son quit baseball showed a small detail that was pretty neat. When she asks what Harada is doing and he says ‘running’ in English, she is confused, before using the Japanese word. It was a nice generational gap kind of representation. It was small and if you weren’t listening with sound you would have been confused, but I liked it.

She also rats Harada out to his mom for refusing to make Go quit baseball. She claims she ‘allowed’ him to play as an outlet for studying, and I am not a fan of that attitude. It just feels so arrogant. Yes, you may be thinking into the short term future, school wise, but how will forcing your child to give something up, and basically making all of their decisions affect them in the long term future, when they are an adult? Then comes a life of displeasure and lack of happiness because anything worth enjoying is inherently a waste of time? Too Deep? Too Deep.

Anyways, despite being a lackluster and apathetic character, Harada is the most interesting character. He has physical and emotional issues that we are seeing played out. Go will always be fine, he’s got a good head on his shoulders and seems to be the most stable of characters in this show, and he’s got great balance and equilibrium.

Rating: B+