So the amount of facepalms in this episode has made my face hurt. Between Uchimakis blatant ignorance to Mizukis feelings, to the Presidents weak bladder, these characters did not have a successful day.

The format of the second episode resembles what a 4koma manga might be turned into, with multiple individualized mini-episodes compiled into the larger episode. They didn’t seem to necessarily be in a particular order. One took place at school, the other was a memory, and the third was a dilemma over a love letter. The theme that connects all of them is Mizukis crush on Uchimaki. It turns out she has liked him for longer than we thought, but during episode 1 it looked as if she was realizing it for the first time.

The boys in the club seem to have a healthy fear of Mizuki. They were genuinely scared of her to the point of faking a murder mystery game when they knocked her painting into a spilled paint puddle. She is quick to become frustrated by the other club members, but not in an irrational sense. Being the shy yet feared female role is a nice, but slightly yanderesh personality type. On one hand she liked Uchimaki, on the second she wants to kill all his waifus.

Being the only respectable member of the Art club must have perks, like irreversible stress.

The crush aspect of the first mini episode was through a horoscope. Mizukis friends know she has a crush on Uchimaki and create a fake horoscope about a love encounter, resulting in being carried like a princess and a kiss. The second mini episode is about when Mizuki and Uchimaki first met, and the third is about Uchimaki receiving a love letter and asking Mizukis opinion. So clearly he doesn’t know how she feels about him. So frustrating!! Get a clue kid!!

And here comes the cliché plot, he has to pretend to be dating Mizuki because of a misunderstanding during the rejection? Eh. Wrong. He denies liking Mizuki despite the mental waves she was sending him to say he likes her. In truth he rejects the love letter because he’s only interested in 2d girls, but that’s besides the point. We are focused on Mizuki here! Apparently even the president f the art club knows she likes Uchimaki, and is silently cheering her on.

So far it’s pretty funny but its not a ground-breaking new series. Of course the love interest doesn’t know he’s a love interest, added to the fact that even if he did know, he probably wouldn’t reciprocate those feelings. He is obsessed with 2D Waifus to even consider the girl right under his nose.

At the end of the episode there was a pretty heavy themed misunderstanding, with too many coincidences to disappear next episode. Uchimaki was staring at an elementary school girl, claiming love at first sight. Pedophile now?? Noope. He meant he was in love with the character on her backpack strap. Well that didn’t stop the girl from being thoroughly creeped out and running to tell her sister, the girl who confessed to Uchimaki hours before! So clearly there will be a misunderstanding, and the anime may take a darker tone! Fingers crossed!!

Rating: B+

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