What is rumor and what is truth? Did Abeno kill the first master of the Mononokean? What was that magic aura surrounding Hanae? Is Abeno human!!

Well the answers to those questions are, don’t know yet, don’t know yet, and unfortunately… yes. Abeno is human. It was confirmed twice. I am disappointed was sure Abeno was secretly a yokai. But there is a rumor going around the Underworld that Abeno became the second Master after killing the First?! When Abeno goes to find Hanae, the yokai around them seem to be either scared of him, or skeptical as to why he came to the Underworld, as if he shouldn’t show his face there. I think he knows about the rumors, but doesn’t address them directly.

What else he doesn’t address, how about the aura and snake-like magic that Hanae summoned when he was angry. After the Capybara yokai tossed Fuzzy and injured it, Hanae became very angry and scary. This may be a side effect of being in the Underworld. He already felt sick during the walk to the underworld, so perhaps that illness has infected him, or allowed a yokai to possess him. He is also able to hold Fuzzy without feeling the same effects he felt while possessed the first time. This cant have been mentioned for no reason. There are no coincidences in anime, or tv shows in general. So now that we know Abenos a human *sigh* then I guess whatever is affecting Hanae is up next on the mystery meter.

Next up we meet one of the Three Pillars of the Underworld, the Legislator. He creates rules specific to the Master of the Mononokean. Along with the other two, Justice and Executive, they manage the Underworld, creating rules and upholding them. The Master is exempt from all Underworld rules, except for those created by the Legislator for the Master specifically. The Legislator turns out to be as moral as a newt and uses his rule-making ability to tease Abeno because he cannot break any rule set for the Master. The Legislator is a frequent smoker, sexual deviant and has a sister-complex, according to Abeno. Hanae and Abeno have to visit the legislator so that Hanae can be approved by him to work for the Mononokean.

Hanae answers his questions in true airhead fashion. And on their way out, Fuzzy asks to work for the Mononokean, and the Legislator mentions something suspicious to Abeno, which puts him in an immediate bad mood. ‘humans cant contract parasitic roots’ and ‘I know you didn’t mean for it to happen’. That paired with the information that Abeno rejected all potential employees who were Yokai, leads me to believe that either Abeno got someone involved who was affected by parasitic roots, or that his master died by those roots.

This does give a bit of leeway on what the medication is. If Abeno had a bad experience with Parasitic roots, that medication would make it easier to extract them and save the afflicted, and it is kept in a tube that Abeno himself said he would do anything to get back. But the medication was in pill form, and Abeno collected a powder medication. Big Daddy Scree also collected the same medication. So I still have no idea about what the medication would do, but its very intriguing! What is this story behind Abenos history with Parasitic roots? Please don’t let it be that he lost a lover to the roots…

So now each character has a bit of mystery. If the plot goes the cliché way, Hanaes mysterious power/personality shift has to do with the exposure to Yokai, and either becomes a yokai himself or has to leave the Mononokean. If that’s the case, Hanae would become a yokai. It’s a 60/40 split. I don’t think he would be able to leave the Mononokean, either by moral standards of repaying the debt or just simply to help the yokai and Abeno..

While this episode dashed my dreams of a yokai Abeno, the added mystery is very enjoyable and very fun to analyze!!

Rating: A