We rejoin Yumehara, the classmate of Saikis who has a major crush on him. Except this time, she has a boyfriend. She seems to have been swayed by his voice rather than his personality, because she hates his personality.


In a long list including; foot smell, jaw dislocation, and loud chewing, this relationship is going down quickly, and Saiki is their only hope. Because f that relationship fails.. Yumeharas going to go after Saiki again and none of us want that!


Saiki uses his Likability meter from early episodes to gauge how well the date is,  but this guy is a total loser. He doesn’t remember anniversaries, he is inconsiderate and… well he’s a highschool boy. He is not as focussed on romantic things like his girlfriend is, and Yumehara emulates the female stereotype in this regard.


The date, despite Saiki getting their Likability up to 95, drops to 0 in an instant because she remembers what a loser her boyfriend is.  So now we can look forwards to her chasing Saiki.


But not in the 21st episode, no. Everyone else on the other hand is chasing him. Hairo, Teruhashi, Nendou, Kaido. They all want to find Saiki, just as he is about to head out to watch his favorite show. And he cant record it, then everyone whose seen it will be thinking of the spoilers. And teleporting is out of the question, because he has to change his shoes. Next up; Invisibility! Yes, for a limited time only, Saiki can become invisible but only until the 10 minute timer runs out. Or he is touched by someone.


Aaand this someone is Toritsuka.


So both episodes feel rather unfinished. Yes there may be a second part in episode 22 but waiting for Yumehara is going to be a bit nerve wracking considering how crazy she is. While the story is kind of on a loop, reusing some plots, it incorporates enough alterations to make it stand alone. I’ve accepted that there wont be a climactic plot involved, and its just some lighthearted fun.


Rating: B

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