Lets Play Ball! Or not, who knows now.


We finally see some baseball related activities! Mixed with an apathetic and…. Condescendingly logical Harada.


Now a lot of people have an issue with Haradas attitude, but I don’t.. Okay maybe he doesn’t say please too often so there’s that, but if instead of being monotone he was fist bumping the air people would say he’s really motivated and praise him for his attitude. Instead he is argumentative, unremorseful, unreasonable and the worst type of person.


He is rather calm when asking for things, and he may be argumentative, but only when he feels the other person is being unreasonable. Such as, when the coach of Nitta Stars tells him to shave his head. Harada refuses because he doesn’t see how his hair length correlates to his stamina or leg strength, two areas the coach indicated need more training instead of power. Harada took the criticism of his skills, but not of his hair length, and frankly I support Harada in this. Having uniform hair styles or forced hair styles seems rude in of itself. As long as it meets the (dumb) dress codes and regulations about color and length, no one can force you to alter yourself.


Granted that may not be a common feeling in Japan, where 90% of life is spent in a uniform od some sort, but after my brief 2 years in a uniform highschool, I am firmly against a forced uniform mentality. Haradas defiance is probably not rooted in unreasonable old ladies angrily policing the bodies of younger girls and boys, while not wearing a uniform herself btw, but from his pure focus on baseball.


His attitude reminds me of Tobio from Haikyuu. The skilled, stony King, who has developed a mightier than thou attitude because he has been standing alone for so long. I mean, Harada didn’t wake up like this one day. He played on a Little League team, but says he dint have anyone specifically train him. We don’t know how often he was up to see his grandfather either. Clearly he started baseball early, but what got him into baseball so far is a mystery. It could have been his father, based on his grandfather. We don’t know yet.


He mentions that ‘catch-ball isn’t for fun’, so is baseball not a game to him anymore, but a self imposed obligation? If he is focused on ‘mastering break balls’ but not using them, then why learn them? Is he compiling a collection of baseball skills? Even when confronted by Go and his friends about not cutting his hair, they bring up that the coach may keep Harada from playing this year, and even into next year. Haradas response is a cool ‘ if he wants to win, he’ll have to put me in’ okay that’s a bit attitudey.


But what if the coach doesn’t care about winning? What if he’s willing to take a loss to prove a point? You’d think that would stir up the player in Harada? Ehh. Negative. First he shoots back a very cool ‘you don’t wait for others to put you in, you just play’ which may lead to a hijacking of the pitchers mound later in the season. The second time we get a  ‘then I wont play’ and a shrug.


Now this sets Go off like a firecracker. He grabs Harada by the collar and screams at him, before shoving him to the ground only after one of the other boys bites his arm.. and storms away.


Go’s reaction seems to have an effect on Harada, if even a little. Harada earlier flubbed his pitching on purpose to have Go be his pitcher and show off their collective skill as a battery. This is the same Harada who freaks out anytime someone grabs his pitching arm, what would purposely letting a ball out of control do?? And in the end Go all but rejects him.. Granted his approach would anger me if I was about to quit baseball, but was disobeying my mother in order to play with you, and you.. Just don’t care.


Haradas emotional and interpersonal skills do need work, but he’s not entirely wrong in his opinions and choices.


Lets see if he actually gets to play?


Rating: A-