So the Master and Part-Timer arrive home safely, well.. Safe enough. Hanae may have broken every single rule that the Mononokean gave him like it was a scavenger hunt and Fuzzy was the prize, but he survived! And while he was scared about 90% of the time, he still enjoyed the Underworld.


Now that the field trip is out of the way, its time to get back to work, and by work I mean exorcising some mean, terrifying yokai! Eh. Negative.


The client today is Manjiro, an eel possessing an old woman’s dead husbands ring. Spoiler alert, Manjiro isn’t just possessing the dead husbands ring, he IS the dead husband. Which explains his motivation to recruit the esteemed Maser of the Mononokean.


The task: retrieving a lost wedding ring. The old woman wore both hers and her husbands, but apparently finger shrink with age because she lost her ring… in a creek. So this is the third time this persistent eel has called out the Mononokean crew, because they haven’t been able to find it yet


Now the crew is 3 strong, instead of just Abeno. Although the additional help IS Hanae.. But that’s a good thing because he finds the ring! Idiots Luck? Or supernatural powers at work >.>


Either way, this came to be just as Abeno was considering forcing an exorcism on Manjiro. He had been in the human world to long and was getting bigger and more unstable. The eel yokai refused to be exorcised until the ring was found. He’s very stubborn so I was half expecting the forced exorcism to happen.


What I didn’t expect was this moral dilemma. How do you give this ring back to the old lady? If they just show up and hand it to her, she might think they stole it from her, or she may think it’s a scam and reject the ring. Hanaes idea is to tell the old lady about Manjiro.


Abeno shoots that idea down, but he has a good reason. In his past experience, people have not reacting positively to finding out about yokai. I mean that’s to be expected. This invisible being has been watching you sleep, shower, and use the toilet?? Creepy!!!


Both sides of the argument are morally valid. Hanae is thinking of Manjiro, but so is Abeno. If the old lady rejects the ring and is scared of Manjiro, that’s not much of a send-off.


When Hanae sees Abeno isn’t being unreasonable, he agrees. An unargumentitive character? A peaceful resolution?? Gasp!


Well that peaceful resolution goes out the window when the old lady walks in on them sliding the ring into her mailbox.


Hanae still wants to tell her, but Abeno becomes increasingly angrier. Now Hanae is a softy, and he wants Manjiro to leave this world happy. He wants to make the old lady understand that this yokai cares for her. He speaks to Abeno, asking that if they are part of both worlds, and they can understand both humans an yokai,(he doesn’t use the Y-word though) then why cant others? At this point your expecting some ‘im human why can I see yokai but others cant’ type montage, but alas that was not in the cards. Damn Legislator confirming they were both human.


It seems Hanaes pushed Abenos hand, talking about this in front of the old lady. Abeno reveals the name Manjiro to the old lady, saying he asked them to give her back the ring.


Instead of freaking out, the lady laughs, and understands. She assumes they are talking about a ghost, and reveals to the boys that Manjiro is her husband. She accepts the ring and thanks the boys by forcing them to stay for lunch. Abeno is pretty self reflective, asking himself when he stopped telling people about Yokai. So at one point he was as fluffy and positive as Hanae? Well duh, that’s such a cliché I called that back in episode 1.


Just as the peaceful resolution is about to be finalized, a creepy voice in the wind scares the crap out of Abeno. The voice laughs and whispers ‘Found You’


Hanae didn’t hear any of it or see anything. Paws are seen on the top of the fence before disappearing.


So are these footprints related to what the Legislator said ‘wasn’t his fault’? If Hanae couldn’t them were they a yokai? Is Abeno possessed? So much mystery is building behind this seemingly Slice of Life anime! I love it!


One of my favorite elements of this anime is the contrast between the shiny outside and the dark inside. Clearly something happened in the past that resulted in the death of the first master, and someone blames Abeno. Found you, so Abeno was hiding? Or was he cloaking his presence? He didn’t want to be found? Did he run away after the first master was killed? Did Abeno accidentally let loose a powerful yokai that not only killed the first master but is after all masters? Is that why people claim he is responsible? Because he summoned the creature that killed his master? Or was Abeno temporarily on the dark side, possessed by Parasitic Roots and forced to kill his master? Is the medicine something that cloaks him from someone?!?!?! So many possibilities!!!


The character progression in these episodes are fantastic! There is just enough happy vs dark in each character to pull you in and stay invested!!


Rating: A