So the episodes don’t continue from the cliffhanger, but okay. The plot wasn’t that deep anyways. This episode we actually learn something pretty huge about Saiki.

First off, apparently super strength is considered a psychic ability? Or perhaps they’ve covered all kinds of abilities now they are bleeding into just ‘supernatural abilities’ instead of just psychic abilities. Kind of like how Once Upon A Time moved from fairy tale characters to all of Disney characters.. *cough* frozen *cough*.

He speaks about controlling his powers a lot, like not being too strong as to expose himself, and that all stuff. During the sports day he was on the running team. He purposely got in 3rd place, thinking it was average. What wasn’t average was that the 1st, 2nd and 4th place runners were on the track team, so placing that high was abnormal. But like a goldfishes memory, all was wiped a moment later.

When it was Nendous turn to participate in the scavenger hunt race event and he promptly grabbed one of Saikis Antenna. Bad idea.

Saiki dropped like a noodle, unconscious or dead who knows. Immediately we see shots of space stations in panic, meteorological readings becoming erratic and exotic tribes claiming the world was ending. All because of an antenna?

Well when we rejoin Saiki, his antenna is back. They put it back, it had a sharp pointy part, so does that connect to his brain? How are people okay with poking someone’s brain?? Creepy!! Anywho! He explains that those antenna keep his powers either in control or supressed. He show us through as growing up his powers became more and more unstable and he would be using them in his sleep. The gloves he uses to keep his psychometry in check are a similar countermeasure.

Because his antenna was removed for even a split second, he has a hard time controlling his powers. Eating is a challenge because he keeps breaking chopsticks. And he would probably crush any food he held. Then Nendou suckers him into the tug of rope… ugh

As expected Saiki tears the rope, and in trying to hide it he not only rips his psychometry glove, but wins the tug of war.

You feel kinda bad for Saiki in this episode. He is having trouble and the others just keep pushing their own agenda. He even tries to teleport and it doesn’t work. Ugh. Nendou.

I really like that we finally learned what the antenna are, that they aren’t just a pointless grab at an accessory.

Rating: A

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