Okay so in an anime with a powerful -often a virgin- protagonist, one of the common enemies turns out to be an attractive and sexy female who uses her body and feminine wiles to trick the protagonist to lowering their guard. You guessed it, Chulans that protagonist.

Anime has trained us very well in one regard. Because most protagonists turns out to be underdogs and thus, losers and unpopular virgins, every attractive female who approaches him, is inherently evil. This theory hold up in so many animes, most recently Big Order. It’s a very common plot device, and it brings both a mix of sexuality, danger, excitement, and frustration. Yes, you have to blush while one character gropes another, while trying to silently explain to anyone who can see your screen that its not a hentai, and that she’s secretly evil and that you are once again, not watching hentai in public!!

Even if, by some miraculous twist of fate you didn’t know about this common anime plot device, she, Kenken, flubs on her back story, stumbling over a missed detail! In that instant, all viewers crossed their arms, knowing full well what was going on. Rule one of being a seductive assassin, get your details straight. Granted Chulan didn’t notice the detail flub. She’s a pretty big boobed female who isn’t running away in disgust, why would he question her!

The entire time you as the viewer knows what’s on, and that does take away from the intrigue and sexiness of the situation. Coming up and texting him out of the blue is not only unrealistic but very sloppy on her part. A more effective and believable approach would be the classic tried-and-true public collide. That way she doesn’t have to pretend to attend his school, or try to explain how she got his contact info. This is an anime, it would have been easy to arrange a public collide! *sigh*

Anywho, when the two of them are getting frisky, she zaps him with something, and discovers his Shugong Sha. What’s a Shugong Sha? Well apparently it’s a seal on his special place that zaps him if someone who doesn’t truly care about him touches. Frankly it should be the other way around. Someone he cares about should be able to touch him, because what if its unrequited! What if Houhou falls for him and gets frisky, but he doesn’t like her back? Then its an unwanted touch that causes him severe pain.

Either way, she finds his crotch seal to be hilarious, which is the final nail in the coffin. He now realizes she is evil, and attempts to fight her. Too bad for him that sting from earlier disables his Kinkou, and makes it soo easy to capture him. Which is what happens.

Kenken is the same girl who robbed Grandpa Zhangs grave, with the zombies. She wants to join the opposing faction, now titled Zensei. She was denied membership before, when the grandpas body yielded weak results. But now that she’s brought Chulan, alive, she is granted a membership. Turns out she doesn’t quite understand what Zensei does yet, just that there are no rules and lots of powerful people.

The little boy, Ro Ryou of Zensei is one of those powerful people and he is able to read peoples soul. What is he reading for? His grandpas legacy. We don’t know what that is exactly, but they seem to want it badly.

Now what is Houhous role in all of this? We don’t know yet, just that she’s mad at Chulan for turning off his phone and disobeying her orders. She wanted him to meet someone, probably Jo San, or someone in her side of the organization, but Chulans special place made that decision for him and he ditched her. Upon realizing whats going on, she decides he needs to be punished and uses the modified tracking system on his phone to find him and engage in the fight with Zensei.

So one major criticism of this series is the use of close-ups on faces. They need to stop. Especially on the pink haired Zensei girl, Natsuna. Her facial expressions never match her tone of voice, and frankly, her lips don’t match her speech. This is the same with Houhou and Kenken. The lip sync if terribly off, and facial close-ups make it painfully obvious. The members of Zensei also know Houhous new identity, despite her changing it recently. Easily accessed information or poor writing?

So between the sloppy execution of the kidnapping and the close-ups, not my favorite episode. The plot is picking up, and we should get more answers in the next episode.

Rating: B-