Okay so plotline continuity is pretty much non-existent. That’s not necessarily a bad thing in this type of anime.

It is not necessarily a serious anime, with a larger story or mystery that requires logic and reasoning to figure it out. This is a lighthearted anime about one girl liking a boy who only likes 2D Girls.


We finally are introduced to Collette, the 4th member of the Art Club. She is a foreigner, having come overseas 7 years ago. Her parents returned home, but she stayed in Japan. She looks smaller so you would assume she was one of those young geniuses, but… she doesn’t seem too genius like. She may be a math whiz and my conclusion is unfair. My assumption is based on mistakes she makes regarding speech she has gotten wrong. For example, when Usami mentions a ‘Short bob’ and says it in English, Collette hears ‘Shou and Bob’ which would make sense. If she is bilingual, knowing both Japanese and English, switching between them may not be the easiest thing. If someone is speaking in Japanese to or around her and they throw in an English word without warning, it’s the first response to figure out what that word meant, and your already listening for Japanese words.


So Collette may be smarter than we are let on. In one scene she attempts to pick up her fallen shoe without touching it, and through some type of physics and manipulating the shoe, she is able to flick it above her head. Granted it bonks her on the head, but she got it off the floor without her hands.

She just seems really immature.


On the Usami and Uchimaki front, there is a slight progression. Granted Uchimaki is still denser than a long in a swamp, but it works out. We see him in a slump, unable to pick a hairstyle for his latest waifu. He’s curled up on the couch, until Usami shows up, offering her own hairstyle; a short bob. This would be a romantic setup, posing, using her for inspiration, he realizes her beauty and they fall happily in love. Pfft. As if. I don’t know if he doesn’t understand the English, but he doesn’t understand what a ‘short bob’ is.


In a romantic gesture, Usami buys him a hairstyle magazine. One of the featured haircuts is a short bob,  and he really appreciates the magazine. It seems to pull him out of his slump.


The final story is pretty damn funny. Usamis friends force their way into the club room under the guise of being ‘trial members’ just to hang out. They create the competition to draw something, and that something is Uchimaki and Usami side by side. The loser has to go get everyone drinks. Well Kaori, the Collette-look-a-like and resident airhead loses badly. Upon getting the drinks, she purchases Uchimaki a cola. I don’t know if its just for this episode or if there’s a backstory, but Uchimaki cant have carbonated drinks. So Kaori offers to switch her drink for his, despite having already sipped it.


We know where this is going. The indirect kiss. Indirect kisses are cute in premise, but aren’t really a romantic or.. Real thing. It’s a cute thing to tease someone about, but past that small teasing an indirect kiss doesn’t feel like anything real or substantial. Im not a fan over the total freak-out of each time. Its just… calm down okay?


Well, calming down is not one of Usamis strong points. She panics big time, and steals Kaoris drink, downing it before Uchimaki can take a sip. This results in Uchimaki stealing Usamis drink, and downing it. My most disliked line is the whole show, ‘it was an direct kiss, but I kissed him’ follows. No, you did not kiss him. Don’t use that as a milestone. You didn’t kiss him.


So Uchimaki drank Usamis drink as a revenge plot, for drinking his new drink. He still doesn’t understand how she feels about him so it was both a positive moment for her as well as a super embarrassing one. What’s also embarrassing is that one of Usamis friends, Sayaka, photographed the two while they were being drawn, and used it in a newspaper ‘scoop’ about indecency at school. The photo was of them standing shoulder -to-shoulder. There were much more scandalous moments than that..


The humor is pretty good, created mostly out of Usamis desperation to hid her feelings. Most characters who try to hide their feelings you get frustrated with . Its all ‘just tell him, he probably likes you back’ but we have definitive proof Uchimaki is only in love with 2D girls, so this is one of very few cases that Im okay with going to these lengths to hide the romantic feelings.


Its impossible to predict the next episode because of the plotline inconsistencies. The stories don’t carry over, which makes it both frustrating but also lighthearted. I would have liked to follow the scandalous story line of Uchimaki the lolicon… oh well.


Rating: B+

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