Staying with the sports day theme,  class 2 apparently talks shit to Hairo. If we’ve learned anything about Hairo is that he’s a man of pride and persistence. So of course this is a challenge, and to unnecessarily up the stakes he claims not only he, but every male in class 3 would get buzzcuts if they lost. So what does Saiki do.. He tries. Granted he is still unable to control his powers and his strength yet, but it is the thought that counts.


Well the thought can only take you so far, and by so far I mean right up to the finish line before falling flat on your face. And that’s what happened. Boy does Saiki look weird with a buzzcut.


Turns out the bet only including the buzz if they lost to class 2, which they didn’t. They lost to class 4 because they were cheating. Granted by using his psychic abilities to win not only the relay but also the basket toss, you could say Saiki was cheating as well, and not even by human ingenuity, but he’s the protagonist, if we aren’t going to look the other way for him, what would we be doing??


Boy does Saiki look weird with his hair cut.


Don’t worry though, the next day its back, all of theirs are. Nendou, Kaidou and Hairo all have their full manes back. There is no mention of it being with the help of Saikis powers or not, so it could have been just a time skip or something.


The 25th episode is very different from any other. It is a pun based episode. With a fire drill on the horizon, and going over the directions, the topic of SOS comes up and what it means. While this question has been answered with either an easy Morse code translation( … — …) or ‘save our souls’, everyone seems to have their own opinion. The script seems to be stuck on an SOS loop, with nearly every sentence having an SOS combo in it. This is the country obsessed with the 5-7-5 haikus, so sentence structure games aren’t abnormal.


Saiki does seem to pick up on the abnormality though.


In the end, after a fire drill has rang the students must evacuate. A hallway is blocked and they must find  new wait aroun- oh wait. Hairos gunna bust through. Okay. So they tin canned that shutter, even though it was creating an unusable hallway due to ‘fire’ in the hallway. As the teachers punishment (can they even do this?) was to have them all get buzzcuts.


Not much is revealed about Saiki in this episode, it was more based on puns and thus they were rather lost on my as a native English and less than beginner Japanese speaker. Im sure they were very funny though.


Rating: B+


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