The episode is off to a great start! Great visual effects, realistic crushing of boxes, waves of power in Jo Sans Ki, it is all spectacular! Too bad it didn’t last.


The same issues as before were still showing up loud and clear. The facial reconstruction performed on these characters is fantastic! Sometimes I have a hard time recognizing the character. Im sure its all in the lighting though.  This time, the voice acting was the hard part. When characters *cough* Kenken *cough* would panic and scream, the background would change to convey that emotion, but they were heavily mismatched. The background looked as if Kenken should have been shrieking bloody murder, but… she wasn’t.


So at this point Kenken didn’t run to the Company, now known as simply Express Delivery, but she was captured by them as requested of her family. She ran away from home. She retells her life story, which is similar to Chulans. They have to learn these abilities only to never ever use them. Because of how Kenken was taught her powers she was a little insane in the beginning. Outside of her family, she had never laid eyes on a living person. She was told once she learned all of the Zombie spells that she could go outside. So by age 15 she was a master Xiaxia Ganshi. This is great news right? Well, she compares her life to being a controlled corpse herself. She is forced to learn the spells then forced to never use them. Like make up your mind mom and dad.


This is the reason she gives for joining Zensei. She wanted to be free. She claims that companies like the Express Delivery are supressing Outsiders. They are essentially the Outsider Police. They take care of any Outsider causing harm to normals, or threatening go expose them to the public.


There is a brief explanation of certain Taoist groups and their schools of thoughts used to govern the Outsiders they control. What makes Zensei so ‘evil’ or dangerous is that they don’t follow a school of thought that has rules for their Outsiders. They are essentially on Free Roam mode which puts the Outsider population in harms way.


Kenken reveals why Zensei wants Chulan or his grandfather. The Kitagen Style is a technique or power that Chulans grandfather possessed, and it enabled him to survive a battle with over a dozen powerful Zensei members. This makes him very valuable to Zensei, they want his power. But Gramps is dead, so Chulan is the living heir to the Kitagen style. You’d think it would be Chulans father… but hey, screw genetics or family members and stuff. If that’s the plot twist, that Chulans father saves the day using that technique,.. I don’t even know how I would feel about that at this point.


Chulan maintains that he does not know this style, he has never heard of it. Now at this point we know this is probably bullshit. His grandfather left too much foreshadowing to have not taught him the technique. Either he altered his memory, imbued it in him without him knowing, or taught him the technique but not the name. We all know Chulan knows or had the potential to know the technique.


Now there are 2 different types of abilities, or Ki. Inherited and Acquired. Acquired is what the Kinkou is, it is learned or taught. Inherited is similar to Jo Sans telekinesis. It was just… there.


Natsunas power is most likely acquired. She is powerful and one of the 4 sorcerers of Zensei. She is able to imbue her victims with uncontrollable Lust, which is what happened to Saru when he rescued Chulan. Now he’s a wiggling worm in a cell crazy over Houhou.


Jo Yon is a new character as well. He is a… bit violent. If Jo San is the uptight bookworm type, Jo Yon is the delinquent. He takes to beating Kenken to show her what freedom is. I was half expecting him to try and sexually assault her, but it didn’t go that far. Chulan stepped in, defending her. The two started fighting to… jazz music? Mood reading is not a strong point apparently. Both characters were ‘chibi-fied’ which took away from the seriousness of the current situation. This sparked Jo Yons interest in Chulan and sealed his fate. Now Chulans a member of Express Delivery. It only took 5 episodes, but we got there eventually.


During the ‘interview’ or Jo San pleading for Chulan to join, both characters were altered in such a dumb way! Chulan looked like the Jeff Dunham puppet Peanut! Seriously? Jo San was a mix of ‘offended girl’ and ’embarrassed otome game girl’ The whole thing was confusing, frustrating and gave me a headache. Is this show trying to become a comedy show? If so, it needs to stop. Because it isn’t working. Like at all.


Violence, which is the shows focus, a major element and one of the few things this show has going for it, was butchered for comedic purposes as well. By flipping through two frames; Arm up and Arm down, Houhou beat Chulan in what I can only assume was his crotch by the way his legs were in the air, and he ended up with a black eye.


Sigh. This show.. Better have a spectacular climax.


Rating: C-



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