Okay so pieces are starting to come together, maybe not in the way of figuring out this otome game, but setting and plot wise.

We are tossed into the battles between Grimm Academy and Ozmafia Academy. There are tables piled up, the color scheme is brown/red and the teachers are holding guns, bracing themselves. Apparently Scarlet wasn’t supposed to be there. Are students not supposed to be involved? What about the blue haired girl from earlier? Is she a Grimm Academy student or teacher?

In any case, Kyrie, the responsible teacher of the bunch, hands Scarlet a sniper rifle and says to go ham. Okay..

Well it becomes pretty violent for a short episode. The characters un-Chibi when they fight, and it looks pretty cool. Gretel, the blue haired girl and who I can only assume is Hansel, begin fighting the Ozmafia sensei’s. The fighting ends when Hameln shows up, with his attractive eyepatch and all.

Next comes a major dose of information. All 3 Ozmafia teachers have ‘other forms’ that they turn into after using their powers. We don’t know what the powers are yet. When Caramia uses his, he becomes a small lion. When Axel uses his, he becomes a Tin Man. And when Kyrie uses his… he becomes the Scarecrow. OZmafia academy. The Wizard of OZ! ooh!! But.. Then why is the health teachers name Robin Hood?

Okay there’s still a lot of loops. Like why are the teachers names not already the OZ characters, only after they’ve transformed but the Health Teachers name is already Robin Hood. And where does Robin hood fit in the OZ story. And why does he look like he’s wearing a bird skull mask?

What are these powers that the teaches have? We saw Kyrie control crows, and being a scarecrow, that makes sense, but what about he others? I mean Axel kindof sacrificed himself in attempt to save Caramia, and courage is the Lions thing.. Not the Tin Mans.

So for Grimm Academy then, Hameln is.. Oh the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Makes sense. But why does he have an eyepatch? And why is his name already a fairy tale name?

Its all good information, its just scattered.

So maybe this is a prequel to the otome game, its more of a backstory on characters than emulating an otome game? I mean if your used to other otome-adaptions like Akagami, then its hard trying to figure everything out in a way that it should follow. But okay, this is fine too I guess. If you take out the information that its an otome game, it’s a great little original story.

Rating: A-

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