So each mini episode this time focuses on a different character each time. The first is Yumeko, the new advisor to the Art club. The second is focussed on Moeka, the lost girl from the Usami/Uchimaki first meeting story, and the last story is about Usami and her relationship with Uchimaki progressing(!!!!).


Yumeko sensei is the new Art Club advisor. She is young, has long curly hair and salutes for some reason. Its pretty cute. She does it when she gets flustered, and she is a nervous girl, so it happens frequently.


We don’t know how long she has been at the school. We don’t really get that ‘new teacher monologue’ past her trying to remember the art students blood types from their files. She seems really eager and excited. Koyama, the previous advisor has moved on.. To the newspaper club. No explanation is given, but I doubt it has something to do with the article published in the last episode. It would be pretty bad if he was transferred because someone thought that Uchimaki and Usami were being indecent. There’s small hints at possible larger topics underneath all the time.. Is it on purpose? Corruption and pedophilia?


So Yumeko is the new advisor so she comes to the club room to advise. She has been told by Koyama to sit and not disturb the students. But we know what’s happening. From the second she opened the door and the two easels were facing the door instead of facing the left we knew they would be doing a portrait of Yumeko-sensei.


Well given all that silence, the teachers brain starts working. She sees a sleeping president-obviously a delinquent- and when Uchimaki brings out and introduces his Waifu, -clearly a pervert- Yumeko books it.


When they do reveal the drawings, she is very happy. Both are different drawing styles, so not to sure how she feels about being a waifu, but it looked pretty!


Anywhoo, the second and third stories are much much more light hearted. Moeka and Collette reunite, of course Moeka doesn’t remember Collette, she had a mask on last time. Collette doesn’t recognize Moeka because… she’s Collette and has the apparent memory of a goldfish.


So while sneaking around to a ‘Pink Panther’-esque music, she informs Moeka of a ‘rule’ that if you walk into the sunlight, you are out. Moeka, being a child, enjoys this and plays along. She informs her mother of the rule, and while distracted, she falls victim to the rule herself. Its so cute.


The third story is the clincher. Its about Usami, fresh from the bath, and taking a nap. She’s dreaming of Uchimaki, and who wouldn’t. He’s adorable. Well, dream of the devil and who shall appear… over the phone. Usamis woken up by her mom because Uchimakis on the phone, and he has her homework. They blame it on Collette who played 52 pickup with their worksheets. Instead of doing homework the next day, Uchimaki offers to bring them over. Well now Usamis gotta get dressed and brush her hair, because she really likes Uchimaki. Her mom knows it too. She teases her about the fact that they don’t have each other phone numbers.


The whole situation is adorable, and fairly accurate to how a 14/15 year old would behave. She dresses nice, she’s a bit defensive, and a bit sassy about it. Its funny because its relatable.


Uchimaki on the other hand just blurts out things without knowing how they affect people. ‘you smell nice’ really Uchimaki?! And you don’t like her?? Boys..


Well! He brings her her notes, and she braves the storm. She asks him for his phone number, over formalizing it, just in case this happens, if they, say, need to contact each other, panicking and giving Uchimaki 1000 different opportunities to say no. But he says yes, and they exchange numbers, and the music is happy and twinkly. It is perfect, even with Mom spying from behind the door creeping Uchimaki out.


The progression of this relationship is the focus of this series id say. Yes there is smaller stories surrounding it, but those have always been more scattered. The main feature, the relationship, is in an easy to see chronological order, and it has a progression. It picks up from the last time where the others just stop. Most of the stories, aside from most likely the Yumeko story, will be left alone now.


I wish there was more stories on the president. We don’t know much about him, and what we do know, is mostly that he’s lazy. He has to have had some accomplishments or history with the club in order to become the president. And why the art club? We never see him painting or doing anything artistic, besides drool marks on the pillows.. That aside, he’s a man of mystery. We now know Collette, the new advisor, Usami and Uchimaki, Lets see the Prez!


So aside from the poorly hidden agenda of the Art Club, the stories were pretty entertaining. There was everything; new character, lightheaded short, and a romantic milestone!


Rating: A

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