So one of Saikis vices is Coffee Jello. Never had it personally, but this has got me interested in trying it. From online recipes it seems pretty simple!

How deep does this coffee jello take Saiki down the rabbit hole? 3000 Yen deep! This boy spent his entire monthly allowance on 55grams of Premium Coffee Jello. First though he debated spending 138Yen on his regular coffee jello or 183Yen for 3 packs of Coffee Jello.

After a careful deliberation including weight, price per object, the number of idols he could feed and the surface area of a desk he could cover with said jello, Saiki ended up with the Premium Jello.

As murphy’s law dictates though, whatever can go wrong, will go wrong, and that is displayed when a baseball comes flying out of nowhere and smashes into the jello bag.

We see Saikis face like never before, as he uses telekinesis to fling that ball far far away.

Well it turns out that ball is a special ball to this small child. In an attempt to recover it, Saiki apports the ball, he switches it out for an item of similar size. Murphy’s law dictates the Jello is chosen for the replacement item.

All’s well that ends well though, and three of those premium Jellos appear at Saikis door.

On the continuance of good deeds, Saiki prevents Kaidou form being scammed by a fortune teller. Using his invisibility Saiki watches in as the con artist blatantly fishes for information she later uses as ‘fortunes’. Saiki is going to let the kid get scammed… until he hears that this kid just wants friends, namely Saiki to be his friend.

Now at this point there’s a smidge of responsibility on Saikis shoulders. Kaidous just bought this incredibly expensive piece of faux jewelry just to be friends with Saiki. So Saiki scares the old woman into giving Kaidou his money back. He tries to sneak away, but Nendou calls out to him. Ugh.

So Saiki seems to at least be more aware of his effect on people around him. He may hate it very very much, but in performing the obligatory friendly actions, these few people have been misled into thinking Saiki is their friend, or at least their pal. You get the feeling that to them, Saiki can do no wring, mostly cause their so stupid hey would t notice Saiki was dong something negative.

If I could have any character be implemented into this anime, either as a regular character or as a villain/antagonist, it would be another sentient character. One who sees what going on, just as Saiki. So far other characters are pretty dumb and unobservant. They all fir into their stereotype and have their positions to play, but lets shake it up!

Rating: B

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