Canaria has collapsed, the giant Unknown has the upper hand and its all Ichiyas fault..


The massive cliffhanger in episode 3 set up for a good opening here. We learn a lot about Ichiya, how much his pride is reliant on his sister. From the notebook a couple episodes ago we see that Canaria is his motivation, ‘I want to get stronger for you’. Canaria may find that endearing, but its also sad. Not in a condescending way, but in a defeatists way. Ichiya may put on this bravado and pushes himself to be stronger for her, but he doesn’t tell her, so she tries to catch up to him and …. This happens. She pushes herself too far.


Now she’s not dead. They take her to the shore where Ichiya really loses it. The Unknown are attacking again and he’s cowering over Canarias body instead of taking on his role as Tokyo Head and leading the students to victory.


The other Heads wont let that stand, and tease and provoke him into getting up. Kasumis calls him a civilian, and teases him for having an unpleasant personality. I swear, this guy has no tact. Kasumis is a very specific personality type, where he’s smart, and doesn’t actively do it, but he rubs you the wrong way. Like he doesn’t understand time and place and what to not say. Granted right now Ichiya needs to get up and lead the charge, but there are other ways to achieve that goal.. He is very much like Hachiman from Yahari ore no Seishun.


Well did the fighting happen? No idea. There was a cut scene to the hospital, where Ichiya, Kasumis, Kasumis sister, Hime and Hotaru are after Canaria has been admitted. Kasumis starts berating Ichiya, and to the awkwardness of everyone, Ichiya agrees to every insult, even adding his own. The misery this guy is in, it makes you feel for him. This strong, standalone guy crumbled under one tiny girl. Based on his personality type though, this makes sense. His reaction is true to his personality.


Kasumi isn’t the only person to chew Ichiya out, the commanders or Council, we still don’t know, decides to chew him out. The whole scenario felt like the commander was trying to give an life lesson speech rather than a punishment speech, but Ichiya was just so self deprecate that the speech wasn’t sticking. So the commander switched tactics, asking if Ichiya thought he could do it all himself, or if he was sacrificing himself. Now the self sacrificial angle would be an interesting one to follow. Normally people who are self sacrificing have done something in the past to warrant a self-punishment. We know his need for power began after the Red Day, so what about that day would warrant punishment? Did he not save someone? Was there another sibling? Canaria is safe, so what he would be punishing himself for is unknown and confusing.


Also, in Episode 2 they tell us that the Unknown showed up ‘before they could remember’ but if they couldn’t remember, then how did Ichiya develop a complex about this?


Anywho! Ichiya asks to try again, and the other Heads agree. There’s a time lapse montage of the troops assembling. Each Head has their own position and reason for so . Kasumi seems to be the tactical character, maneuvering not only his faction but coordinating the others attacks. Ichiya has taken the backburner role,  leading a small force to destroy the smaller unknowns, allowing others to focus on getting closer to the Main Unknown and penetrate its armor. It withstood an attack from the powerhouse-Hime before so it’s a more advanced Unknown it seems. Ichiya is allowing others to lead the charge, and is actually communicating with others, which has thoroughly creeped everyone out. I don’t think this personality change will stick though.


Mid-Attack Canaria wakes up, with Aoi by her side. Aoi’s World is the ability to convey messages into peoples minds. When Canaria finds out about the ongoing battle, she wants to join. Upperclassmen offer to fly her over the back way, and she’s happily accepts.


Now apparently Canaria joins her World with Aoi’s, but im not sure how. Does Aoi push Canarias voice into peoples minds? But her singing usually spreads well enough on its own.. And they are pretty close to the battle. The only reason I could see for mixing those two is to 1) inspire Ichiya, and 2) not strain Canarias voice. Although the volume she is singing at is not noticeably different from her regular singing volume.


Well if the main goal was inspiring Ichiya to mix his world with another’s, its successful. Hime arrives on her Destroyer very Arpeggio-like, girl standing on a deck as the boat bullets up to the surface and all. Ichiya scoops her up and brings her extremely close to the Unknown, cause he can fly. He increases the gravity of her weapon so her already powerful downward swing just devastates.


There is no animation of the attack though. It just goes to white, and you hear a crash. I don’t know why they wouldn’t include the animation of the attack, it’s the climax of the episode..


Well after the battle Ichiya carries Canaria on his back, and she passes out again. Its been a rough day. It doesn’t get better though.


Apparently the team carrying Canaria and Aoi went through the No Entry zone. The higher ups know that based on something to do with Aoi’s security tag on the back of her neck. We still don’t know what they are called or what they do.. Im assuming they have to do with their Worlds, but whether they are implanted in people like in Freezing, or born with them as an evolutionary item is unknown.


After figuring Aoi went into the No Entry Zone, they look for Canaria. But… they’re too late.


Shortly after Ichiya reveals he’s going to ask for a demotion and allow her to become the Tokyo head, Canaria is killed by an Unknown.


So just when we are entering a new era of Ichiya, Canaria is killed. Right in front of him. The moments leading up were pretty foretelling. First there was a blinking red light cut scene every few seconds, and she walked in front of him and turned around. The sunset behind the smiling girl is classic ‘going to die in a second’ setup. Knowing all that doesn’t lessen the blow.


So seeing how this will all effect Ichiya will probably be similar or worse than in this episode. Depression, and self destruction are most likely in his future. If Canaria was his reason for becoming stronger he can either go 1 of 2 ways. He can quit, or he can throw himself into every situation without a care to his own safety.


If Ichiyas out of commission emotionally, we may see more of Kasumis responses or Himes.


One major issue I take with this series is the names. They do not repeat any names frequent enough to remember them. Icchan, Hime, and Oniichan are the only names we hear used, and Its frustrating! Kasumi, or Oniichan, I have nooo idea what his sisters name is. I have to look it up. But they never repeat names. Hime said Kasumis name in episode 2, once.


Rating: A-