The boys are back in town~ Man date!

Well then Teruhashi shows up, in her perfect girl glory. Saiki is still unaffected by her, but Nendou and Kaidou are bumbling all over her like shes used too. Saikis non-reactions are still frustrating her, and kinda me too. Its generally the same with Teruhashi every time. With her end goal objective there’s not too much variety in her tactics.

The scenario this time is that after meeting up with Saiki, Nendou and Kaidou, that they would go for food together. Teruhashi seems to snap Kaidou out of his Chuunibyou, at least for a moment as he takes off the bandages from his hands, the one that ‘seal his powers’. This alone is pretty astounding, but she still has a condescending monologue like always, and Saiki hears her. Out of all characters, Teruhashi is my least favorite. This personality type is so aggravating, and its nearly impossible to reason with people like Teruhashi. It would be satisfying if Saiki apported her somewhere foreign.

Well the food Nendou chooses is punishment enough. The restaurant is grungy and dirty, so of course Teruhashi wont eat there right? Saikis planning on her booking it as well, which would damage her ‘perfect girl’ rep, thus shaming her into never speaking to him again. Well just as she’s about to decline and retreat home, Kaidou starts a rant about how Teruhashi couldn’t possibly eat in that place.

Now, you’d think this was an out, but its not. If she agrees, then she comes across as pretentious, but she wants to keep her ‘perfect girl’ status. So she denies Kaidou, and they enter the restaurant. Well the place is disgusting, and not fit to serve food. While everyone else rejects their food, she swallows down every noodle.

Now the surprising part, Saikis impressed by her resolve. Did his opinion of her just go up?

Toritsuka is up next, the psychic like Saiki. It’s the same as always; he uses his connections with ghosts for perverted gains. Some help him hide his porn magazines (why he’s bringing them to school ill never understand) but some are too moral, denying him when he asks for a pantie color match.

His ‘let me tell you your guardian spirit’ is no longer working on girls, so he improves his tactics. He becomes a super sleuth, able to use the ghosts abilities for his own. Toritsuka, on the case of the missing gym clothes. Well his clues lead him to the gym clothes, but not the caper. The guardian spirit, the one who declined to tell him the color of the panties is the capers guardian spirit. He pleads for his charges case, but Toritsuka wont have it. The kid is gone by the time Toritsuka finds him though. The girls assume he stole the clothes.

Saiki isn’t in this episode, and breaks the fourth wall at the end, commenting on how he as not in this episode.

Saikis powers weren’t used much, besides reading Teruhashi mind. There is a lot of discussion around Likeability during dinner but we never saw the same likeability meter as the first time Saiki used that ability. Whether or not that meant he was using the power is unknown. Why bring it up if it wont be in play? If Saikis opinion of Teruhashi did lift, then that is interesting. What can come from Saiki potentially not hating these characters. Would eventually he open up and accept them as friends? That plot type would be interesting. They all work together to get Saiki to like them and let down his tough exterior.

Rating: B

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