I am kind of losing interest in this show. It came off as promising in the beginning but now it is just.. Kind of annoying. It does accurately represent the behaviours, so maybe that’s why. It’s a bit depressing to watch because behaviours a general anime fan are being turned into comedic fodder.

Positive: We meet a new character, Daigo, a classmate of Ryo and BL mangaka. His current works depict Nakamura and Shiratori. Nakamura finds the book and is disturbed.

Negative: The negatives about this pair of episodes are numerous. The head shapes, and facial arrangement of characters altered severely between the two episodes. Granted some were purposeful in order to create a comedic face, but it feels too try-hard. Plus when one character looks cross eyed its more unnerving than funny.

The comedic representation of convention attendees and the ‘battle-like’ conditions and precautions taken are pretty accurate. The general behaviours are accurate, if not exaggerated slightly for comedic value.

Also ‘normies’ rationalizing their expensive purchases but criticizing an anime fans purchases is pretty common. Nakamura boasting about his $300 soes but berating Ryo for his $60 book is pretty accurate to real life.

Nothing really comes of Nakamura discovering the BL book about himself. It would be a very interesting plotline to follow, but it was just dropped.

Rating: C+

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