A lot of character emotions were explored in episode 5, and we know a bit more about Hime and her past.

Canaria was probably the most liked character in the series, by the characters themselves. She was kind, thoughtful, considerate, and the complete opposite to her brother. As the Sub-Head of Tokyo, she did her job well.

Hime seems to be an actual ojou-sama, and not just nicknamed Hime because of her real name, Maihime. We see flashbacks of her past where she has had to pretend to be okay despite visibly shaking. Hotaru has been with her for most of her life and knows this side of Maihime well. She is able to allow Maihime the opportunity to be weak when needed.

With Canaria dead there are multiple questions. There had been multiple sneak attacks by the Unknown and they lost a number of students. These students happen to be those who accompanied Canaria and Aoi to the battlefield by going through the No Entry Zone. I believe that Canaria isn’t actually dead, because we never see her, or anybody’s body. Also, Aoi’s Code(the security tag) had to be operated on, which altered her World I think. There was a premonition of her glasses spawning blue hellfire. When one of the Commanders tried to explain what happened she was blocked. So most likely the higher ups know what the No Entry Zone does to students and their Codes.

This feels very much like M3, where entering the dark realm will start to corrode you and turn you into Necrometal. Entering the No Entry Zone will have you marked by the Unknown for capture and brainwashing. I would not be surprised if Canaria was either the final boss or if she was returned, but under the control of the Unknown.

It would be a plot twist if the Unknown were capturing humans to use them as envoys of peace, imbedding a message in them to bridge the speech gap.

Hotaru seemed to connect the dots of the missing students being those who traveled with Aoi and Canaria. She pressures Aoi to show her their route. Whether or not she knows the No Entry Zone was the danger is unclear. Her tone suggests a more curious than suspicious intent.

Just as they leave the Unknown attack through a portal that leads into the city instead of off the coastline. Whether this has any significance or not is unclear. From what we have seen they are always off the coast but past attacks are not known to the viewer. The Codes on the backs of the students necks start glowing.

Shortly after Canarias death there was a meeting of Heads. Ichiya was absent, and the Commanders ask Kasumi and Hime to take joint control of Tokyo until ether a new Head is found, or Ichiya recovers. Hime agrees, Kasumi declines.

Both visit Ichiya later on, where he is zoned out and lifeless. He springs up in anger when Hime questions if this is how he handles every death. He takes this as an insult to his sister, because she is not just ‘a death’. I doubt that Hime knows how engrained protecting his sister is in Ichiyas self worth, or how far beyond it is from just the loss of a sibling.

Canarias death seems to only caused Kasumi a small inconvenience, that being dealing with Ichiya. His sister has recently become more apathetic, but not in a sad way, just more like her brother.

With the attack cliffhanger I think this would be the time that Ichiya forgoes personal safety and starts massacring Unknowns left and right with no regard for himself. Or, he doesn’t acknowledge the attack and sinks lower and lower. Personally I hope he freaks out, because that would progress the story and if in a grief induced panic he discovers information on the Unknown than it would be very interesting.

The emotional facial expressions were very well done. The sadness in Himes face, the utter despair on Ichiyas were very well done. Hime seems to take up the role of Tokyo Head with gusto, making the whole area miserable in a tactic to force Ichiya to come back. Although that doesn’t seem to be the correct method for Ichiya considering he was never concerned with others happiness, only his sisters and becoming stronger.

Rating: A

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