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So if anyone saw the PV last May, you’ll know the heart attack it put you through. Soma claiming he would ‘stop being a chef’ was a devastating declaration with absolutely no context given.


Well here’s the context, it’s what he is risking in a Shokugeki against Mimisaka in exchange for all 100 tools Mimisaka has won so far.

Now this declaration is very Soma, and im going to be a buzzkill, but this seals Somas fate. He’s going to defeat Mimisaka because the series doesn’t stop after his. If this was a 8 episode series, maybe I would be worried, but its not. He doesn’t quit being a chef, the episodes don’t end, the series is not over. And Soma would not change his profession. He is going to win.

Now forget all that and be immersed in the hype. The studio and creators worked hard to bring you this tumble of emotions, don’t let it go to waste.

First, Soma gives Mimisaka the name of the dish: Beef Stew. The theme is Western food, and Beef Stew was the first ‘successful’ dish Soma presented to his father that made it onto the Yukihira menu. It is new and different because it includes white Miso, a familiar Japanese taste and calming agent. Mimisaka would have found this out eventually, so revealing it at the beginning not only gives Soma a clear and direct idea for a direction, but it also gets Mimisaka off his back for a bit. It ‘levels the playing field’.

Soma spends the week with a journalist who is trying to secure a monopoly on Soma. It would be great coverage for his portfolio. As a taster or idea bounce board the journalist is pretty useless, so in bold fashion, Soma approaches Nakiri. She tastes his beef stew and hates it.

She doesn’t explain why, she’s not a teacher or here to help him. She is one other the Elite 10 after all. There’s probably some rules against ‘mentoring’ or something of that nature. What I find hilarious is that she is obsessed with Somas father, but doesn’t know the relation.

Now the buildup of this week is very similar to the buildup of other Shokugeki episodes. This is probably done on purpose because we forget about Mimisaka. We are honed in on Soma perfecting his dish, finding the flaws, battling against himself to up his game. This is still the Autumn Election after all.

So 99% through the episode its all hype, its fantastic, its exciting. Soma is so prepared. The audience commentates on the ingredients and how they will up the stew bring the excitement to a boil.

Then the drop.

Despite locking everyone out of the kitchen, Mimisaka has the exact same ingredients, the same strange meat, the same spices, the same veggies.

Now the buildup of Mimisaka himself is pretty well done. We got to see a bit of him while facing Takumi Aldini, but Somas the main character so they have to delve into his opponent. We still don’t know the motivation behind that style of cooking, mimicking the other chef, but based on other mimicking antagonists, it may have to do with childhood trauma. Or not, he could just be a creep who wears others clothing in a barely lit basement kitchen to try and get into their mindset.

The ‘large brute’ body type he has is not often associated with the ‘cunning’ personality trait, so it makes it even more creepy.

The motion of the camera remained consistent even when not in a heated battle. The camera still panned left, right, up and down during the off-week. It moved slower though because they were not hype-intensive scenes.

The one terrible aspect of this episode that I don’t understand at all, is how the episode opened. Shokugeki no Soma often continues right from where it was left off in the previous episode. So one would assume episode 5 would open in the aftermath of the Mimisaka/Aldini battle, with his brother trying to comfort him but being pushed away, or some scenario similar to that. What we are given is a direct look in the Mimisaka and Soma sit-down. It jumps right into the scene and it feels like part of the episode was missing.

There was also no pause or breathe room inbetween Somas PV comment, and the explanation. I definitely think there could have been a few seconds of pause to let it sink in and scare the crap out of viewers.

The beginning was the only area that disappointed me, and it was pretty heavy disappointments. The pacing was off, the hype wasn’t there, the focal point of the promotional video was side swept so quickly.

Knowing the outcome may dampen the excitement for a few people, but Soma always brings the hype. Knowing the end and knowing where we are now I think adds hype, because if Soma will be able to outsmart Mimisaka, what is that going to entail. What is Soma going to have to do to overcome this huge obstacle? And its not so much a ‘developed a new ability’ scenario. This series is largely realistic, so the ‘new ability’ would have to be some ingredient or cooking technique. Granted there may be a ‘secret ingredient’ we are not privy to you, Soma may have brought more ingredients to try and fake out Mimisaka, but this series does a good job of staying within the realm of possibilities.

Rating: B+

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