Nanatsu no Taizai is back once again to the medium and small screens. Melodias, Ban, Diane, King and Elizabeth join Gilthunder and Howzer on the most important mission; finding Hawk.

This series had a phenomenal first season. From the art style to the characters themselves, the series made me laugh, cry, blush, and panic. Each character having their own secret or ‘sin’ adds a whole other side of mystery. We are shown backstories to the characters, but never see them acquiring their Sin mark. So we may not know as much about these characters as we believe.

Such as, what constitutes a Sin? As we know right now, Bans Sin is drinking the potion of immortality, mortilizing Elaine and causing her death and the death of the fairy forest. Sure, okay that was caused by Bans direct actions. But what about King and Melodias? Is Kings sin that he ‘abandoned’ his subjects? He had amnesia, it wasn’t in his control. And is Melodias’s Sin being part of the Demon Clan? Is it the Goddess clan who is dolling out the Sins then? How are they created and if so, how are there only 7 of them?

Gowthers Sin could be that he’s a Doll, but Merlin’s and Diane’s? No idea.

Well we pick up our crew shortly after the battle with Hendrickson. There is a morning after vibe from the characters. They obviously celebrated last night, from the condition of the Boars Hat, and Elizabeth is back living in the Castle. What concerns me is that in the manga, the ending of the first season is different than what was portrayed in the anime. Not by too much, but enough that im interested to see how they either compensate for that or ignore the difference completely. Screw continuity and all.

What is the same is the character design, and outfits. Diane’s has changed because now she is smaller, but Ban, Melodias, King and even Elizabeth dons the Boars Hat sexual harassment uniform again. All is back to normal.

Now for the first episode in a 4 episode season this episode was pretty lackadaisical. There was no strife, no conflict, it was very slice of life, OVA material. But this was not included in the manga, even as a filler arc.

What does happen is Bans bad attitude is tickled, and the whole ‘kill Melodias and we will give you back Elaine’ thing has been brought back up. Melodias tells Ban to meet him behind the mountain peaks the next day, before promptly destroying the Goddess Horn used to communicate with the bodiless beings. Of course the goddess got in a few jabs about Melodias being a cursed child, being over 3,000 years old and never being able to have friends. Melodias had excellent control of his purple flames when destroying the Horn, compared to the last time he used them. He lost himself, attacking everything and unable to be reasoned with.

Now Hawk, the boar, has been shrunken to a miniscule size. He runs away from the Boars Hat because Melodias brings up the topic of eating pork. Rude right? Well then the competition to find the panicked pig begins, causing less destruction to the town than you would expect, knowing this cast of characters.

Hawk is eventually lured back home by Bans cooking- of course he is. Bans cooking is his favorite thing in the whole world! Ban: Brawn and Brains of the operation.

So all is resolved on the surface. The Sins embark on a mission, and Melodias expressly tells Elizabeth to not come. Elizabeth is there to see them off, dressed to the nines in royal attire and smiles as she waves them off. Very sneaky..

Now I do take issue with a major aspect of this episode, and hopefully it doesn’t continue throughout the next 3 episodes. The music was FAR too intense for the scenes it was put in. In simple conversations the music was very ominous, as if something bad was just about to show up. It had me on edge and it was hard to follow what was being said cause your preparing for a jump cut or an enemy to break in.

Even in lighthearted walks, the music had a jolly melody, but it was a good couple bars darker than it should have been. Also a few clicks too loud. Its as if the soundtrack for the Melodias/Goddess scene was carried over the entire episode.

The music is the worst offence. Characters from far away look kind of clunky, and in season 1 it was the same, but when you are close up the irises and earrings are detailed, so its forgivable.

Again, the 4 episodes bugs me. In the OP it shows so much action and so many conflicts and characters that I don’t know how they can be addressed in the next 3 episodes and not feel unfinished. That’s even assuming the episodes will follow the manga at all. There has been no mention of other Demons or even King Arthur. The young king was not mentioned at all. That could be where Merlin disappeared off to though. Who knows. Episode 2 please?

Rating: B+