So the Princess makes another, less psychotic appearance. She’s rather pretty and seems to be actually very princess like. She cares about those who serve her at least. Her faction members do lay on the hidden and overt sexual comments pretty heavily.

Between the ‘getting off’ comments from R.R.Lurker or the subtle more romantic connotations from Il, add in the possible post-sex scene after the credits, it has me wondering what the Kingdoms all about. Seigis wondering this as well, but not for the same reason I am.

Majority of the episode is take up by the battle between the protagonists and the antagonists. There is new information about each characters abilities and how they are utilized, such as Seigi being able to cut a sword with his bare hand, or using Void Maker to collapse the underneath of a concrete slab. But Im more interested in the calm conversation Seigi has with the Princess.

Now as a Japanese citizen, Seigi has no official ties to the US Army or the Kingdom. Aside from what Izzy and Tom have told Seigi about the Princess, he knows nothing about her. I like that he is taking the time to develop his own opinion of her.

Plus she kisses him.

She seems to have a connection to the Triggerless Tattoo, because she is able to summon the ‘sealed’ of the tattoo. Very ‘tailed beast’ like. I assume the princess herself has a tattoo, because she is able to teleport.

She is very interested in Seigi, because the Source wants him. What the Source is, we don’t know as of yet. We don’t know a lot as of yet. Well neither does Seigi. The Princess urges him to learn more about Tattoos.

You’d think after this battle she would return home, nope. She’s hanging out in the city, and when Touko spots her, she challenges her to a battle… of Ping-Pong. The stakes, Seigis freedom and Toukos boobs. Yup.

Well Touko loses, so the Princess spends her time fondling Toukos boobs as she writhes. Seigi sits and they have a very calm conversation. She asks about his reason for fighting, and his answer is because he wants to live in a world without fighting. Apparently that’s the Kingdoms goal. While the US Army’s objective is world domination.

Then she offers him a spot in the Kingdom, on her side. If he accepts, she will tell him everything about the tattoos. Now this is interesting. This is not an ‘enemy of my friend is my enemy’ situation. He very well may go to the Kingdom. If the Kingdom has the same goal as him and is offering him info, why wouldn’t he join them. Just because Izzy and the US Army reached him first doesn’t mean they have dibs. If he was to defect, that would make for a very interesting plot twist.

The romantic and sexual connotations have a more natural place in the series than Toms gag comedy. Perhaps that’s on purpose though; to make the distinction between the Kingdom and the US easier to see. By displaying the US as bad comedy, naming the reporting officer Colonel Sanders for petes sake…, it makes the US look less serious, childish or even incompetent.

So while he acknowledges that he has no connection to the US Army and refuses to join the US Army, Seigi does reaffirm that he is partnered with Izzy in this adventure. Im not entirely sure why at this point, because after her superiors found out about him, they decide he would be researched.

So one side is offering world peace and information, the other side is offering world domination and experimentation. Run Seigi Run!!!

Rating: A-
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