So is this Arslan or Yona?

The situations are very similar. Young Prince/ss. Master Swordsman pledged to the young Highness (Granted I don’t think Daryun is in love with Arslan), Blonde guy, port town and pirates.

If the series ends in 4 more episodes, then this new arc is very confusing. If Arslan is planning on gathering 50,000 men in 4 episodes, then it would have to be a fast recruitment, unless they timeskip over a lot of the process. I don’t understand how a 25 episode season can lead into an 8 episode season. The only explanation that would make sense would be that there was not enough content to fulfil even a 12 episode season.. Spending a whole episode on a side quest is not proper time management…

We are introduced to one of Narsuss friends from school, Shagad. He is a merchant in the port city of Gilan. Due to the Lusitanian invasion, all road trade routes have been shut down. Gilan has become a huge trade hub, as it is a port city. Gieve claims there are women from 60 other countries in Gilan. As much of a manwhore he is, he’s still has my heart.

On the Narsus front, Alfarid is still telling people she is his wife. She’s also like 15. She is originally from the Zot Clan, and her father was killed, so her brother took over. Well apparently her brother is a deadbeat chief, and ran off. So technically Alfaried is the chief… or her husband is.

Now we know this because Arslans party was attacked by a Zot clan party. They began robbing them before Alfarid stepped up and scolded them. But yes, now Narsus is the Zot chief, and the Zot loyalty now lies with Arslan. No doubt the Zot will be called upon in a final battle type scenario, if we ever reach that point. Narsus is pushing against this ‘married’ thing pretty heavily, and it makes you feel like he may snap and yell at Alfarid, or something about them being ‘married’ will impact the party. So far the party has been pretty cohesive, there have been no major fights, and other than Gieve being fake banished, they have all been together.

Another topic brought up that may lead to a conflict is the topic of slaves. Gilan is a merchant city so it relies on slave labour. Shagad and Narsus apparently agreed to never partake in slave labor, but Shagad hasn’t been as faithful to that pact as Narsus. So much conflict with Narsus!

All of these ‘lead to’ scenarios, all within 4 episodes.. The pacing will probably been too rushed or we wont receive the ending we want.

This is making me nervous.. I want a real ending. I want to know who Arslans real father is! If nothing else, give us that information!

Rating: B+

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