Saikis pretty comical in this episode, in a monotone type of way.

He loses his powers. He cannot hear voices, he cannot float, he cannot destroy buildings with his fist. Also.. This is a dream. Apparently when he has a dream and wakes up with a headache, Saiki has precognition. We don’t see the actual vision, but it results in an explosion.

After preventing the explosion he explains to the audience why the small action he took stopped an explosion, basically by a butterfly effect. We are taken on a journey of ‘what ifs’ on how the vision played out in the dream.

Nendou, as always, screws things up and the explosion still almost happens. The conditions for Saiki using his powers is becoming more complicated, as more and more pile on.

One issue I have with this show and it drives me nuts, is Saikis Xray vision. He claims that he only sees bones, no skin, no organs, no clothes. So how then can he walk around and know who people are. This power is so inconsistent, I kind of hope the writers regret including that power. Its such a selective power. If he only saw bones, than the episodes and his interactions with people would be different. How would he know when Hairo fell and his pants fell down? So many situations would be affected if this ability was active in every episode. Its not like he can turn off this power as well. He didn’t ever give limitations on this ability.

He also has a hatred for cats because he can read their minds and they are condescending and rude. Well of course, they’re cats.

Rating: B-

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