Tumbling, flyers, and bases oh my! Haru- flying in the air?

So who’s the main character? Haru? Unlikely. He may be who we see the backstory of the most, but he’s hardly the main character we need. Kazu is more like a main character just based on stereotypes of a sports anime. Sports main characters are supposed to be optimistic and happy in order to draw the audience in. Granted Harus adorably embarrassed face makes me smile, but that’s hardly the hype Cheer Danshi is going for, im assuming.


Well a lot has happened for the cheer club this episode. They have acquired 3 new teammates! Ton, Ladybug guy and Pork challenge guy.


The local meetup has been decided as the café by the school. There they meet Ton, and Sochiro. They meet Hasegawa in class, after he freaks out when a ladybug lands on him. Its understandable to be freaked out but to stand up and scream? Okay then.


Soichiro and Hasegawa are recruited because of their tumbling skills. Kazu boldly infiltrates the tennis club in order to scoop them away. It works, but only after a public display of cheerleading in front of passing students.


Soichiro and Hasegawa see the team and jump in mid routine. So far all they contribute is back handsprings. They do seem o have other sports experience, so maybe in a training fashion they will be more important to the team. They have to had learned their tumbling somewhere right?


Haru throughout the episode still seems to be pushing against the idea, although not very hard. He doesn’t want to be a flyer, because.. Well he cringed when watching a girl do the splits.  Kazu is confident in Haru not abandoning the idea. He knows that even if he isn’t comfortable right now, Haru wont give up.


To add to his embarrassment, Haru is caught by a pretty girl while practicing. The girl seems just as embarrassed to have caught him as he is to be caught. Im curious to see if Haru quits or if he follows through. It may not be in his personality to quit something once he’s started it, but he is in a slump, he quit judo, and he’s not particularly enjoying cheerleading up until now. So quitting could be a very real possibility. Then the focus would shift to Kazu.



So far the cheer club is doing well. They have 6 members, they just need 7. No doubt they will reach that goal with Kazu leading the charge. Kazu as a character is very interesting. I hope we get some insight into Kazu as a judo student, to see how his dynamic personality influenced Haru back then as well. Its hard to imagine that this stunning personality is only making its debut right now.


Rating: B+