Mob mentality? Or Mobs mentality? What happens when Mob is initiated into a laughter cult?

Episode 3 of Mob Psycho 100 is spent focussing on just that. Mob is one of 3 people selected to join the (LOL) religious group, that is run by a FNAF Puppet look-a-like named Dimple.


Mob is approached by a woman with a bag over her head. The bag has a smiling face on it, and you don’t see her face. She assumes Mob is upset. Although he always has a resting apathetic face. So there’s that. It just so happens that today Mob is actually discouraged from trying to figure out how to become popular.


So becoming popular is the major theme of this episode. He wants to be popular, so he follows the woman to the cult. He wants to be popular so he joins the Body Improvement club. He is constantly asking people how he becomes popular.

They all have their own agenda for him though.


After brainwashing the other 2 people brought to the meeting and seeing the happy expressions they wear, contrasted with the internal monologue of hating the smiling, its Mobs turn. They get the Smile Hood on him, but when he takes it off and he’s not smiling, everyone’s concerned. He attempts to leave because while he’s looking for popularity, everyone here is looking for Happiness.


In trying to get Mob to stay, Dimple cheats Mob, and that doesn’t sit well. Mobs psychic abiliteis cancel out the brainwashing of the cult members, and they start to wake up.


Throughout the episode, the progress towards mobs explosionMhas been rising. I thought it would be a slow progression, but nope. Its massive. And just before he reaches 100% there’s an explanation. This % is on Mobs emotions. He supresses his emotions, but they can only take so much before exploding. And what emotion explodes this time? Rage. He hits 100% and everything changes, kinda. His hair is sticking up, he looks very sleepy and angry, it looks so badass! His aura and abilities and are visible, people are floating around him, he looks like a villain! The dark shadows contrasted on his pasty skin is a nice touch as well.


The outline of everything becomes much thicker and more erratic. It is the Usual MP100 style, but intensified. Throughout the episode there are sections where the art becomes very intense, mostly when it comes to Mob not listening to someone when they try and influence him.


He becomes veeery condescending to the Dimple guy, commenting how he’s so weak. Even the way he speaks is almost as if he’s fed up with everything. This side of Mob I really like. I want to see more of the angry psychics, the villains. The antihero characters are more popular in general these days because it is such a dramatic shift from the regular  goody two shoes personas.


I only wish it lasted longer.


After defeating the evil spirit Dimple, Mob reverts back to his regular self, and the countdown starts over again.


I had hoped that in losing himself, Mobs explosion of power would change more of the story. If it influenced his behaviour for a day while he attended school. Cause if anything’s going to get Tsubomis attention it would be Bad Boy Mob.


I don’t want that explosion of emotions to be an every episode, overused element. It was really cool to watch and I do want more, but I want it to have depth and a continuous effect. Having everything revert back to normal at the end was disappointing. It should have a consequence or effect at least..


I’ve gotta add that the art style, as crude as  I find it, is matching the story well. The rough outline and spotty charcoal shading add a gritty feel to the show, and are more used in certain areas. At school the color scheme is brighter and the ‘nice characters’ have a tame animation. Mean, confrontational, or just gross characters are the ones with a more erratic style, which also influences how we feel about them. While details aren’t a huge priority for this series, how characters are perceived seems to be pretty huge.


Rating: A


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