Handa is the secret SasuNaru lovechild everyone’s been looking for!

He has the standard Sasuke good looks, mysterious reputation, and aura of danger. His insides are all Naruto, comical, idiotic and clueless. Mix those two together and you get a paranoid, reclusive yet handsome character with a mild sense of duty.


The other characters in the show aren’t much  better either. Every character Handa seems to interact with brings some kind of misunderstanding, and in his attempt to flee in awkward tension, he comes across as looking cooler.


The range of characters affected by this stupidity ranges from class reps, to models, to female classmates and beyond. There are about 2-3 mini stories each episode that focus on their own character. But they are still very… very… stupid.


One scene was a literal psychological nightmare. Was Handa using reverse psychology? No. did this character believe he was using reverse psychology to win? Yes.


Granted Handa has his own fault in this mess. He doesn’t communicate properly, causing misunderstandings and the like, but come on people!


So far im not liking this show too much. It doesn’t seem to be adding information to the character. If there was any information offered then I could see it being condensed into 1 OVA. Then again, if Handa is someone’s favorite character, than this series would be great for them. Seeing all facets of a characters life is a fans dream. But in my opinion(hence the website name) this series is not funny, not informative, not needed.


Animation-wise, its pretty good. It is consistently outlined, and the perceived Handa vs the real Handa are portrayed well. Dynamic backgrounds are used in some cases, but its not over used. There is a blindingly white background very so often.


The camera angles are used ary from what the script is portraying Handa as. When it is focussing on Handa as a cool character, we get alot of side, and low angles to make Handa appear cooler. When Handa is not cool, we get non-flairy shots and straight angles.


So this show.. I don’t like it on the grounds of it being unnecessary. The production quality is pretty good, it focuses on the main characters of the scenes, often leaving eyes out of stock characters, even if they are close-up. I do hope that something is revealed about Handa that we don’t know, and that its not just a plotless gag anime.


Rating: B-