Haru is more messed up than we knew! Besides being embarrassed over every thing, he’s insecure about being in a bathhouse, being associated with his friends and touchy about his name? Well at least he’s getting into the whole cheerleader thing now.


The goal this time is to recruit Sho Tokugawa, a well known acrobatic genius. Sho originally rejects their proposal, because as a cheerleading team they lack any kind of base knowledge or serious feelings. He’s looking down on them as beginners, and it doesn’t sit well with Kazu.


So the declaration is made, a week from then they would sneak into Shos gym class and show him how they have improved. They would get a round off back handspring.


Now, I know cheerleading. And while a few people may be able to do it easier, it would take an average beginner longer than a week. It would take an absolute beginner a month, minimum. How many internet videos are there of people trying to do them by ‘jumping into a bridge’ and flipping over. A lot. Kazu and Haru may be able to do it because they have small, short bodies and have arm strength from Judo, but Tono, with no sports background and an overweight body, and Wataru with an obscenely tall body and leg muscles from track, could not. Its absolutely not feasible to get a backhand spring within a week.


Even the handstand scenes are sketchy. If you’ve ever done a handstand, being elbow to elbow, and craning your neck 90 degrees would make it not only difficult, but dangerous. For a largely realistic sports anime, the physical limitations of characters is ignored, which doesn’t bode well.


It was a poor choice of tumbling tricks to be chosen, and the 1 week timeline is infeasible.


Character development-wise we get a look into the attitude of Hasegawa. He’s kind of a jerk. Not intentionally, but because he’s naturally skilled he kind of just… assumes everyone should have it just as easy. Sochiro explained that because of this attitude shift he ended up quitting the baseball team they were both on.


Towards the end of the episode Hasegawa was more understanding of others inadequacies, and they succeeded in their task. Each of them achieved their goals and they were prepared to perform in front of Sho, but Sho was a no-Sho and skipped out on the ‘challenged gym class’ .


The team continued to practice, and aggravated by their incompetence Sho agrees to coach them, but he wont participate in stunting. So its kind of a neutral situation, where yes they have 7 members, yes they have Sho, a well known stuntman, but the downside is that they do not get to utilize that stuntman in the way they had hoped. While Sho is going to teach them how to do stunts properly, which will be beneficial in the long run, but that was not what they were going for.


Adding another teammate is a positive aspect, and if you don’t have knowledge on cheerleading or gymnastic acrobatics in general then it would be fine. But that hint of non-realistic physics dampens the episode. Sho being obsessed with Risu the Squirrel is a lighthearted twist; seeing someone with a cool face obsessed with a mascot. Hopefully Sho and his acrobatic knowledge keeps things consistent.


Rating: B-

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