Episode 5 introduces not only new characters, but relevant music. Last episode had music that was too ‘top 40’ like to represent a port town. Now we get appropriate and appreciated music.

Now I don’t know what is up with this episode, but the story and the information available is poorly done. There are 2 separate events where it was very inconsistent with typical Arslan Senki storytelling.

First off, Narsus makes a stupid suggestion. Like a really stupid suggestion. Is Shagad messing with his mind? Is he overwhelmed? What other reason could there be for him to suggest making Graze the Viceroy of Gilan. The man specifically said, and offered you all of his money, because he ‘became a merchant sailor for the adventure, not the money’. What part of being a viceroy is adventurous? And because he fights the pirates that are attacking his ship means he is fit to rule the city? Absolutely not! He could absolutely despise Gilan for all you know!

And as handsome as he is, he doesn’t look like a character who could be a ruler. Personality aside, he has a rugged look that doesn’t look like a ruler of a city. He looks fine as a ship captain. He’s apt in that department. He can fight like the rest of them. Daryun trusts Graze to watch his back, and that a big honor. But Rule? Nope. Graze would be miserable and probably just take off.

The second information screw-up regards who is the ‘inside informant’ when it comes to the pirates. When you only meet 2 characters from that area, its so simple to figure out who it is. You’ve already given us a reason to hate this character and make us suspicious of his actions, tossing in traitor is simple enough. You made it too easy. Shagad is the informant, and has been profiting off of the pirates. There’s a dramatic reveal at the end of the episode, but we all know the second its brought up that there’s a possible inside man.

Although I think Narsus may know this information already. He has them alter the tides by opening the floodgates, which throws off the pirates trajectory.

And my Waifu, Gieve, shone today. His job was to discover the embezzlement trail of the Viceroy, and he succeeded beautifully. Of course he was aided by Farangis and Jaswar, but who else to sneak into a hidden room but the deft and swift travelling musician and thief of my heart? Im very jealous of the serving girl that was pushed against the wall and seduced by the loverboy.

So if this is how they will be recruiting members, using the men of Gilan, and Zot, then the final battle HAS to be close! Hilmes is in the OP! we got such a beautiful backstory on Hilmes he has to have a bigger part this season. And what about the Temple knights and that special sword?? So much to wrap up!!

Rating: B+