ALL ABOARD! Popularity train is leaving the station!

I’ve seen a few posts about this challenge and I find it very fun, so I’ve nominated myself. Mhm.


Now, my first anime. Well as a kid, before I knew what anime was, i watched Pokemon, Yugioh, Inuyasha, and Cardcaptors. So while they may be anime, i dont think they should count because I wasnt ‘watching anime’ i was watching the cartoons on tv.

The first series that I sat down and watched, knowing full well that I was watching anime, was Deathnote.


Its not original,  I know. Everyones watched it at some point. Its nothing amazing to have seen it. But I started watching it, because I was bullied into it. I had a friend online who was so shocked I didnt know what Deathnote was, that they yelled at me to not speak to them until I watched it.

Like I had to message them and ask what Shinigami were, and get information on so many elements that are very common. I just had no idea what they were. I dont remember if I watched it subbed or dubbed though.

And ever since then, its all been downhill. Ive fallen down the rabbit hole that is anime and otaku culture. and frankly, id never want to crawl back up the hole. im happy here.


So lets look forwards to tomorrows post… my favorite anime ive watched so far!

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Thanks for reading!