Season 3 has been announced for October 8th! OH YES! To commemorate this momentous occasion I officially dub this series, Haikyuu Superfest! Over the next few weeks up until the 7th I will be reviewing/commentating/gushing over the first 2 seasons of Haikyuu!! Now come about the hype train!

Haikyuu is easily one of my all time favorite series. I was never really a fan of sports animes until watching this series because I don’t like watching real life sports. I didn’t think I would understand the jargon, the motivation and the reactions.


Well how wrong I was!


Now having seen multiple sports animes, Kuroko no Basket being next on my list, I have an extreme appreciation for the genre. If the character development, goals and timing are set properly, than its perfect. Even typing now Im smiling uncontrollably.


The biggest draw for me is that tight chest feeling, the uncontrollable smiling and the incessant desire to run around, scream, anything to get his excitement energy out into the world. It is the most satisfying feeling, its akin to finally revealing the mystery ending that you’ve been calling since the beginning.


Now there are a lot of stereotypes regarding sport animes, and a million clichés. The main character is generally a weak character, and new to a sports team. This is done for 2 reasons. The struggle a character goes through is what will pull you in and get you emotionally invested in them a character. You often start at the beginning of their journey or at a point where looking back you see all of the struggles they have endured.


There are some exceptions, for example Battery this season. The main character is already skilled and doesn’t need to improve. Personally Battery isn’t as exciting to me as Haikyuu is, mainly because of that lack of connection. Harada does display a cliché sports personality though, and he shares it with Kageyama of Haikyuu. The skilled, cool personality is an infuriating character trait. It is often the complete opposite of the main character who is often a an unskilled idiot with more perseverance than brains.


The starting point being the introduction to a new team is a general anime plot device. Starting a new adventure offers the opportunity and reasoning to introduce a lot of elements. This is often why there are 2 new characters, or an inquisitive character to ask questions. They can act as an unofficial narrator to get the information to the viewer.


Haikyuu specifically, for those new to the series, is pretty much every cliché possible. But the characters are so expressive and different and personable. Kageyama is the most infuriating character possible, and Hinata is the cutest, shiniest, smallest idiot ever.



He is in love with the sport of volleyball but  he is incredible short, which is a disadvantage in volleyball. He cant receive a ball, he generally sucks at all skills besides Spiking and jumping. Hoo boy can he jump! His passion and perseverance are equal to his jumping ability. I mean.. He’s an idiot. He doesn’t seem to care if he’s hurt, he focusses on something and it has to happen, be it keeping the ball in play or receiving the ball in a satisfactory way. He has a goal and its balls to the wall until he achieves it.


Hinatas personality is very open and giving. His intentions are always front and center. You always know what’s on his mind, he has no filter. He doesn’t however, have a romantic side. Not as far as I know. Girls aren’t a huge element in this series either. Kiyoku is the manager and the only girl we know of. She is cold towards the guys, and one, Tanaka seems to be turned on by how she ignores him. Its pretty funny.


Tobio Kageyama is known as the King of the Court.  But he absolutely despises that nickname because it is not meant in a positive way. He is a setter, and that position is the mitochondria(is the powerhouse of the cell) of the team. Setters control the ball and toss for spikers. Kageyama gets quite animated when explaining the position to Hinata, who is a spiker. Setters and Spikers have a special pairing, like a Battery in baseball. With these two being new characters we know that the goal will be for them to be paired up. Even Diachi, the captain of the volleyball  team realizes that they would be the perfect team.


Tobio is arrogant, crude, rude and mean. He yells and commands and demeans Hinata. Behind that is a fascination about the little ginger. Multiple times he asks  what he was doing in middle school, but in an angry way as if he was wasting that time. He sees the skills and the potential. He sees his quick jump and his eyes widen. He is constantly surprised by Hinatas determination and drive. In a scene when he wanted to quit, Hinata has a look that nearly scared Kageyama.


Later on more character development on Kageyama happens, and its an incredible struggle. He is so sure of his abilities right now, that improving seems impossible. The emotional development that goes on for this kid, learning to trust teammates, learning to let go of some of the control is so intense!!


His personality definitely clashes with Hinatas, but they are a perfect fit. They are interlocking pieces. You just have to bend them bit to get them to lock in place.


Other characters, like Tsuki (ugh. Tsuki) are brought into the picture as well. Tsuki is a first year, 180cm, tall beast. He has a worse personality than Kageyama. He is a cool, skilled character, but he has absolutely no passion or drive. Its infuriating! He’s not even an amalgamation of other characters. He is the 100% opposite of Hinata.






Right now he is coming across like an upperclassman who is revelling in torturing the new kids. And he doesn’t really get better.


The characters in this series are the most eccentric bunch of characters I’ve seen. They are a mix of serious, passionate, and methodical. It doesn’t help that the short ones are extremely adorable, adding to that ‘awe they succeeded’ happiness and hype.


I thoroughly enjoy this series, and there are so many aspects to write about.


Instead of commenting on all aspects all at once, and making a 5000 word post, ill section off aspects to different posts. So Thursday Ill go though the animation quality and camera tricks used to create the hype.


Sunday Ill go over music, as well as new characters, and we will see where it goes from there!


Now go get some sleep, if you can. I now the hype is strong and you’ll be turning in bed trying to calm down. Just make sure your back on Thursday!!


Rating: A+


~*~Episode Synopsis~*~


The series starts off with Hinata, who is in middle school and has just seen a volleyball match where the ‘Little Giant’ is playing. The Little Giant is a small player, but he is the Ace of the Karasuno volleyball team. That becomes Hinatas dream.


His school doesn’t have a male volleyball team, so he plays by himself. He practices when the girls team isn’t on the court, he bounces balls off the wall, he recruits his friends to toss balls to him, he is very resourceful.


After convincing enough kids to join so they can enter a tournament, that’s where he meets Kageyama.


Hinatas team ends up losing to Kageyamas team, but not before he gets a good look at Hinatas perseverance and his jumping ability. The two- well Hinata declares to be rivals with Kageyama.


Well its hard to be rivals when you attend the same highschool.


Kageyamas attitude takes off the second he sees Hinata, and between the fighting and competing, they both are kicked out and rejected from the team until they can cooperate. They still don’t cooperate. Instead they decide to challenge the senpais to a match in order to be let in. Well it became 3 on 3, but the stakes are high.


If Kageyama and Hinata lose, then Kageyama cant be a setter, ever. So he and Hinata practice outside of the gym, and in various places. Hinata receives help early morning and at lunch from Sugawara, the teams established setter.


The senpais are not playing themselves. They are utilizing 2 new teammates, so its 2 newbies, 1 Senpai on each team.


Tsuki, the asshole he is, takes advantage of the situation and brings up Kageyamas past. We get a full explanation of what happened. Kageyama was too demanding so his teammates rejected him. Hinata didn’t care though. He wanted tosses and for him, Kageyama was fine. I think the easy acceptance did some good for Kageyama.


This match was the starting point for the infamous Quick. Hinata would jump, eyes closed, and Kageyama used his skills of perception to shoot the ball right into his hand. When everyone realized Hinata did it with his eyes closed, they were visibly shaken.


This was the highest hype moment ever, seeing the move perfected just.. You had to jump and scream and smack every surface available to get that hype out into the world.


Now they won the match, and the club advisor came back with a practice match with Aoba Josai, the school most of Kageyamas former teammates are attending. The one condition of the match is that Kageyama is the setter, fully excluding Sugawara.


Sugawara is okay with it, but Kageyama vows to earn the spot, as well as his teammates trust. Ooh character growth already~~


So for now, Hinata is dubbed the ultimate decoy. He is also extremely nervous. He is on an official team, he’s about to have an official match, he is beyond nervous. He accidentally put on Tanakas pants, and on the bus ride over he vomits.


He was pretty nervous before the middle school tournament as well, but he shook out of it. How is Kageyama gunna get him out of this funk? Hitting him in the face with another toss?