Saikis one miserable kid. He doesn’t enjoy the company of people for a myriad of reasons, most of them stemming from his ability to hear their thoughts and know how they truly feel about something. And not just the positives, but the depressingly negative thoughts as well. He mentions that he cant shut off his mind reading power, but again, how can he carry on a normal conversation with someone else is he’s hearing all of these voices? I cant even carry on a conversation if the radio in the car is on.

Well Saikis miserable over the holiday season because he can hear the voices of the people in public. A lot of them have to do with forcing the happiness because of the holiday season, or being greedy of gifts, or even breaking up after the holidays for the gifts. It kinda makes me glad that I cant read minds. That stuff seems so depressing.


To counteract their pessimistic son, Saikis parents are over-holidayers. They celebrate to the max! His father even dresses up. When Nendou shows up and they find out he’s never had a Santa gift, Saikis parents go into over-parenting mode and pretend to be Santa. Nendous an idiot and falls for it.


Next comes new years. Don’t shows usually time up the holidays in shows to their respective holidays in real life? Either way, its time for the first shrine visit of the new year. After making his predictable wish of being left alone, Saiki is brought together with all of his ‘friends’


Now the shock of Nendou being their sons friend was enough of a shock to Saikis parents. But when Hairo and Kaidou show up they start crying.


You don’t really consider whether the main characters parents know what is going on, if they know everything we know. In a majority of western TV shows parents are kept in the dark, because they ‘wouldn’t understand’ or add too much logic to the scenario. And I support not telling the parents. They frustrate me when they deny the strange things happening. It just ends up getting more people hurt.


Anywho, Saikis parents don’t know the people Saikis involved in, or is trying to not be involved in. Saiki seems almost more mature than his parents, so they probably don’t have the greatest relationship so he is less likely to tell them everything. I don’t see him gushing or even ranting about the chuunibyou in his class wanting to be his friend. He doesn’t really like any of them anyways.


So Saikis parents meet everyone at the end and they seem pretty happy about it.  Its most likely going to be continued onto the next episode. We still have quite a few characters to introduce..


Rating: A

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