Wow, a loaded question if there ever was. There are so may great animes, and they are great for so many reasons.

There is:

D.Gray-Man(the original series) for nostalgia reasons.

No.6 for the emotional reasons, and  yaoi undertones~~.

Suisei no Gargantia for the shocking plot twist! (seriously, episode 7 messed me up for a good 3 hours)

K-Project for the 180 plot twist

Hoozuki no Reitetsu for the lighthearted comedy and overall happy feelings

Charlotte for the Feels

Blade & Soul for the mysterious undertones

Nagi no Asukara for Aesthetic reasons

Seraph of the End for Shipping purposes. (just go with him!!! FFS!!)

God Eater for the animation


And i desperately want to include Gravitation to the list, because i love the story and the characters, but as an anime, its shit. The anime is so inconsistent, its painful to watch. The selling point of the character, the pink hair, is altered between episodes!

If I was to choose one anime that makes me happy, that I am excited to watch, that lifts me up, that has a plot i enjoy, decent animation and a draw to continue, it has to be.. Haikyuu. Not because I’m reviewing it right now, not because the new season is coming out, but because on my second time watching it, i am still so excited for the next episode. I am so in love with these characters and the animation style that I cant help but love the series.


That being said, any of the series above could be my favorites. They all are stunning and interesting and I loved every moment of them. Well maybe not every moment, *cough*Nezumi running away*cough*, but to make a shortlist of my all time favorites, picking these series was a no brainer.

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And ill see you all tomorrow 🙂