Sho has a Secret!! Is he afraid of girls? Why wouldn’t he join the joint practice with the girls?

Its most likely not a fear of girls. There is a mention of Sho ‘giving up’ though as an explination for skipping out on some valule information. The coach also recognizes Shos name. Did Sho used to be a cheerleader? It would explain his major coaching abilities, as well as why he refuses to do stunting. If he is on a different level, then not only would that be unfair to other teams, but to their team and Sho himself. Being the highlight of the team not only discourages others from trying harder, but it places the weight of the team on Shos shoulders. Perhaps that is something that contributed to his quitting of his previous cheer team.


Either way, Sho has some great advice for the boys. He gets them working the right muscles and works them hard. They start working on elevator stunts, and assigning roles. Haru has been assigned as a flyer because he is small.


Well Haru isn’t too confident in this. He starts hearing buzzwords about falling, flying and being injured in every day conversations, and gets progressively more panicked. It all comes to a head after Kazu successfully completes the stunt and its Harus turn. We are shown a montage of Haru failing, falling, shaking and being unable to stand. Haru reveals he’s afraid of heights.


We see small hints at this when he is on the roof of his apartment building, gasps when he looks down, and an overall avoidance of the edges. The team is extremely understanding.


Now the female team at Meishin is a big deal. Wataru manages to get a joint training practice with them by lying about their skill level. Despite being tricked, the coach agrees to watch them. She then forces Haru to do the stunt. He is shaking and having trouble. We don’t see him complete the stunt.


The coach scolds them, saying that if they don’t trust one another than the stunts will always fail. Lady, Haru could be held up by the Buddha himself and probably still be terrified of heights… Just saying.


Well he takes this to heart and worries over it. Its Sho who comforts him, saying that its not 1 persons job in cheerleading or 1 persons fault. So does Sho have experience in a major failure in a cheerleading event? If so he has a very healthy approach to it..


The boys come up with their team name as well. The Breakers. It represents breaking old selves, fears, biases, and stereotypes.


Now the absolute best part of this episode was the sound track. I don’t know who was in charge of the episode or who selected the music, but id like it please. It was so different from other sound tracks. It was funky and you could dance to it. The scenes it was in was completely random, but for 2 scenes there was the best music.


Shos mystery past and Harus mystery future are the driving points at this time. Wataru is weird, Tono is fat, Kazu is brazen. Their personalities are already built. Also, Haru has a LOVE INTEREST?! Now that’s a new one for me, love in a sports anime. All of the haruxkazu fandom is in shambles right now. I honestly figured they were an unofficial couple myself.  The girl who caught him practicing cheerleading Episode 2 is also a cheerleader, and gave him advice.


Love in a sports anime…. Meeeeeh.


Rating: A

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