The reason Handa did not want to be class rep is the responsibility of the position. So why not give him a responsible task!

Tsutsui Akane has not shown up to class for some time, about one semester. He is a small boy, weak and girly-looking. He was picked on heavily and since then quit coming to school. But the teacher still wants the handouts taken to him.


First off, why now all of a sudden? Why would taking the handouts to him matter now? It’s already been 1 semester, he clearly doesn’t know what the information on the sheets mean, he has had no explanation and no base knowledge of those topics. Also, why just this week? What about the last semester? Have they been taking the handouts to him on a weekly basis? If so, why does the previous class rep only have a photo to go off of? If you’ve been taking handouts to him.. You should know what he looks like…


And he does noooot look like that photo any longer. He has changed drastically in the semester he has been AWOL.


Instead of the petit boy in the photo, he is now a good 3x bigger, carries a baseball bat and is a delinquent. He claims to have gotten bigger off of something similar to Sauna Pants, like an As Seen On TV product.


That in of itself poses a lot of questions. One being does Japanese TV have a different standard for advertised products?


Well classic Handa awkwardness has him just trying to hand over the papers, but Tsutsui takes it as a challenge. He is under the assumption that everyone is trying to recruit him to go back to school. Despite Handa denying that as his purpose here, Tsutsui doesn’t believe him.


Stay in school kids. Learn to listen.


So mid ‘challenge’ a group of cartoon villain-esque kids show up to beat up Tsutsui. Now Handa really wants to get out of there. But he has a duty to hand over papers.


Apparently papers are more than just papers. They have transitioned from being statements of a challenge to a declaration of camaraderie, leading Tsutsui to believe Handa will have his back in this fight.


And sure, Handa helps, by simply being himself. Handas reputation has the neighborhood delinquents freaking out. Apparently Handa has the whole school wrapped around his finger, and is running the dark underworld of the school. This idea is aided when Handa glares at the delinquent who grabs his school bag. His calligraphy brushes are in there so he’s very protective..

So the kids run away, and Tsutsui is convinced he did it to help him. In opening the papers, the previous class rep left a note, asking him to come back to school.


Of course he thinks Handa left it for him. They’re best buddies now aren’t they! So as a sign of respect, Tsutsui returns to school, increasing everyone’s opinions of Handa.


He low-key declares to be his bodyguard. So now there’s a nerd, a beauty and a brute watching over Handa.. Great. Is this Handa? Or Is this Sakamoto? Or Saiki? The three series are very similar. All three have main characters that do not actively make friends, but end up surrounded by eccentric characters by actively or passively trying to not make friends.


Now comes the only normal character in the show. Yukio Konjo. In a cooking lesson he is paired up with Handas group, but he would rather not be. Well too bad for him.


Apparently, it’s too bad for Handa as well. He’s been made obsolete. The group is determined to make the food FOR Handa, not with him. So while they’re off making their food, Handa decides to make the pudding. With the pre-packaged pudding mix provided? Pfft.


‘Cooking is an art, and I am an artist’

-Handa 2016


Well the cooking fails, sets on fire and everyone has to evacuate. The pudding survives thought right? Right! It does!! But.. it tastes like garbage.


Its at this point that only die hard Handa fans notice… these 4 characters are who were in the first episode, who made their own Handa anime episode.  Why the normal character is a fan of Handas I have no idea. Perhaps the jello was so bad it killed all rational brain cells. I’d believe it.


And the final story involves a character form Barakamon; Kawafuji. He is Handas friend, but Handa doesn’t want people to know the correlation. Why? To protect Kawafuji. He thinks if people know they are friends than they would dislike Kawafuji. Cause you know.. everyone ‘hates’ Handa. This actually explained as Kawafujis fault.


The story goes like this, ‘A girl I liked, liked Handa, and asked me to tell him. So I told him that she was calling him names. She was nice to his face but secretly hated him’ And as a naïve child, Handa fell for it. He claims to one day tell Handa about the lie, but he hasn’t yet. Maybe that will be the ending of the series. Handa didn’t have this complex in Barakamon, so it’ll be interesting to see how its resolved and if it matches up with the information we learned in Barakamon. If this mind state was created for this series only without a fore-story in Barakamon then it could come out inconsistent and unpleasant. crosses fingers please no.


So Kawafuji is a rather normal character. He isn’t eccentric, he seemed to ground Handa in Barakamon and is the only character wiling to approach Handa and that Handa trusts. Whether Handa knows about the ‘Handa fan club’ members and their obsession with him is unknown. I mean Saiki knows that the characters are obsessed with him, but he can read minds and sees things as they are. Handa is literally looking though hate-colored classes, or the anti-rose collared glasses.


I hope there’s more episodes with Kawafuji. Scenes with him are funny, and we see a different Handa. Albeit he’s still paranoid as hell, but he is more social and smiling more. He seems to really enjoy being around Kawafuji.


We are foreshadowed to the next episode though. A girl came by and asked if Handa was doing street art somewhere in the area. We know Handa would never do that, because he takes his art too seriously, but for a fangirl, it’s a dream come true.


So whose selling Handa art??


Rating: B

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