Okay Day 3s question is my favorite male character. And wow am I indecisive.  I mean I’ve written about my love for Gieve before, and now Nishinoya is high on my list..


Also, is it specifically a character in anime? Because Alma Mater is also pretty damn high on my list. Im just not a fan of the new DGM series, quality wise and everything. I… I freaked out in the first episode..


Another male character I love is Shuichi Shindou from Gravitation. But I don’t like him in the anime, because the plot and scenarios deviate from the manga, and his personality changes with it.


After many moments of deliberation, I’ve decided. My favorite male character, my first favorite, the male character that inspired many a (SFW) fanfictions, and started my love for Todd Haberkorn, is Allen Walker.


Now DGM (the original 103 episodes) was my 5th anime. I watched all 103 episodes in 1 week, without knowing what Dubbed was, Newbies man.


I heard about the series after seeing a cosplayer, and looking up the character, which turned out to be Allen Walker.


Allen is a mix of self deprecation, fear, perseverance and sincerity. The relationship between him and Marian Cross always had me in stitches, and when he had to recover his innocence, I was bawling for a good half hour.


DGM is my base for a lot of animes, so a couple characters may make an appearance in the next 27 days. The original anime may be inconsistent and have shoddy animation, as a lot of other reviews have criticized, but it holds a special place in my heart.


The AlmaxKanda scenes are my absolute favorite, Im afraid to watch them in action for fear of being disappointed. Any reassurance?


ANYWHO! Checkout yesterdays post to find out my favorite anime of all time, along with a list of other contenders, cause im an indecisive POS.


Also check back every day for 2 reviews on various episodes. Sunday marks the start of my BBNK Season 1 review, in time for the premier of season 2 on October 1!