I was not  fan of the last episode, and the series over all seems very.. Particular. BUT! The best thing I have ever heard has come from this episode, and I cant help but laugh each time I even think about it. I don’t know if it’s a common phrase used in Japan, but I have never heard it before.


Cheese! Is how we smile for photos correct? Well, what if instead, it was ‘what’s 1+1? Niiii!” its genius! And holding up 2 fingers looks like the peace sign! Its genius. Im going to start doing it, or attempt to get people to do it. Watch me fail miserably.


ANYWHO! This Xechs episode, some of my criticisms from the last episode was that the names of characters were not given, the characters had their backs to us, and the absolute cliché elements.


Well some of those criticisms have been resolved. Some of the characters names are revealed. I mean we have Yosuuke, Alekt… and Asagi. The Brunette and shorty’s, still no idea.


The characters speaking to the camera was resolved with side angles and over the shoulder shots so at least we had an idea about who was speaking.


And for the cliché plot elements, there were a couple that were absolutely not cliché, but it wasn’t 180, innovative, never been done before!


Yosuuke, the character who magically transformed in the nick of time, asks if the new director of the Riders is the Red Girl he rescued. When the commander confirms his suspicions, but claims it’s a secret, Yosuuke agrees not to push any further. Wait what? A main character who isn’t going on a moral mission to discover the truth..  Well okay then.


One thing that is passed over is how the other riders have reacted to Yosuuke. They were seemingly exiling him for not being able to be a rider, and in an instant they are all bffs. Granted the mission was 7 days ago, by Yosuukes admission, but still.. Should there be more of a reaction? Wouldn’t there be hurt feelings over any fights or words said? No? Well okay then..


Another thing! The Red Girl, she was some treasure or some protected being, sedated and transported. She had long flowing hair and looked absolutely miserable. So how does she go from being the protected entity to the free instructor? She’s given free reign, and power over the Riders. But she doesn’t seem to have memories of being in the rocket ship, but she doesn’t appear to have amnesia or other memories missing. This plot is all over the place.


The name as well! Is it Scared Riders Xechs or Scarlet Rider Xechs. Translations in-episode have the riders declaring Scar-Red before initiating the attack, but only 1 of them is Red, Yosuuke.


While in-suit, the characters are less than animated as well. The launch sequence is akin to a carnival game, with a cut-out sliding across the scene. Voices don’t change or distort while in the helmet, and when a character is speaking, part of the helmet becomes transparent. A lot of the emotion could be portrayed in body language and a slight vocal distortion without having to blurr-open the helmet.


The riders can apparently be taken over by their Substance, if they are not careful. Then the vocal distortion comes into play, when Ferd begins to gain traction on Yosuuke. The speech becomes very Ferd-like. He’s rather excitable and a ‘go-getter’ in a sense. When the vocal distortion melds the two character speech together, he rushes into a scenario in which he is fighting Alekt, but is seeing him as an enemy. In the same boat, Alekt is seeing Yosuuke as an enemy. This is because of the Nightfly, using an illusion. Its only after the Red Girl does the 1+1=? That both characters turn and say.. Nii!! That they realize what’s going on.


The episode ends in a very Bro-like way, with Alekt and Yosuuke punching each other and being even steven. Boys. Maybe that explains how Yosuuke became ‘in’ so quickly.


So a lot is wrong with the episode, but it isn’t a total train wreck like the first episode. The plot holes are big enough that a car could drive through, and the Red girl and the Blonde girl from episode 1 are still in play.


Rating: B-

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